Karla Hernandez to Rally Supporters at the Miami-Dade Democratic Party Blue Gala on Sept. 9

MIAMI, FL: Today, the Miami-Dade Democratic Party and the Charlie Crist campaign announced that Lieutenant Governor candidate Karla Hernández would speak at the Miami-Dade Democrats’ 2022 Blue Gala, to be held on Friday, September 9, 2022.

As a career Miami-Dade County Public Schools teacher, award-winning Teacher of the Year, and United Teachers of Dade President, Hernández embodies the Democrats’ commitment to public education, justice in the workplace, and service of the public trust. 

Robert Dempster, Chair of the Miami-Dade Democratic Party stated: “This year, more than ever, our candidates are making the positive case for defending our public schools, our students, our teachers and support staff from the needless political attacks of Gov. DeSantis and his cronies. Karla Hernández’s fighting spirit represents the best of Miami-Dade County. We couldn’t be prouder that she is joining Charlie Crist at the top of the ticket and we look forward to her rallying supporters at the Blue Gala this Friday.”  

Karla Hernández, Democratic Candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Florida stated: “I have spent my adult life educating Miami-Dade County’s children and defending the rights of those who do. I am proud to stand with Charlie Crist as we take on this bully who at every turn politicizes Florida’s students and demonizes Florida’s teachers, and I cannot wait to speak to a room full of fired up Miami Democrats this Friday!” 

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Charlie Crist to Speak at the Miami-Dade Democratic Party Blue Gala on Sept. 9

MIAMI, FL: Today, the Miami-Dade Democratic Party and the Charlie Crist campaign announced that U.S. Rep. and former Governor Charlie Crist would speak at the Miami-Dade Democrats’ 2022 Blue Gala, to be held on Friday, September 9, 2022. This announcement comes on the heels of the news that Charlie Crist had chosen Karla Hernández, president of Miami-Dade’s teacher union, to be his running mate.

Robert Dempster, Chair of the Miami-Dade Democratic Party stated: “Charlie Crist is not just our best chance to win back the Governor’s Mansion in 2022, he is our best hope of stopping a Ron DeSantis presidential campaign before it begins. We know that Charlie Crist and Karla Hernández will fight for every vote in Miami-Dade County, and we are determined to support them every step of the way.”

Charlie Crist, Democratic Nominee for Governor of Florida stated: “Under Governor DeSantis, Miami-Dade, like much of Florida, is facing an affordability crisis. Yet, we have a governor who doesn’t care. He’d rather inflame culture wars, attack a woman’s right to choose, and take away our freedoms than address the real issues impacting everyday Floridians. That’s why this November, Floridians across the state will rally together to defeat Ron DeSantis — and build a Florida that truly works for everyone, not just the wealthy and connected.” 

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The Blue Gala is Almost Here!

The Miami Dade Democratic Party will be hosting the annual Blue Gala at the Miami Beach Convention Center on September 9th, 2022. The Gala Chairs include State Senator Shevrin Jones and Miami-Dade County Commissioner Eileen Higgins. The Gala comes right after the August Primary elections and right before the November General elections, as the Miami-Dade Democrats prepare to mobilize and engage Miami-Dade residents in order to deliver results for our community. To purchase your table or individual tickets, click here.

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Miami-Dade Democratic Party To Host Gubernatorial Forum with Candidates Charlie Crist, Nikki Fried, Annette Taddeo in Attendance

Legendary Miami Journalist Jim DeFede Set To Moderate the Candidate Forum on May 28 at North Miami Beach’s Julius Littman’s Performing Arts Theater


MIAMI-DADE COUNTY: Today, Miami-Dade Democratic Party Chair Robert Dempster announced that the Miami-Dade Democratic Party would be hosting a candidate forum with the three Democratic candidates for governor, Congressman Charlie Crist, Florida Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services Nikki Fried and State Senator Annette Taddeo. 

He also announced that longtime Miami journalist Jim DeFede will moderate the event. The forum, hosted at the City of North Miami Beach’s historic Julius Littman Performing Arts Theater, will be held on Saturday, May 28, 2022 at 6 PM. The event is free and open to the public, who are encouraged to reserve seats at this link.

Miami-Dade Democratic Party Chair Robert Dempster stated:

“I am thrilled that all of the Democratic gubernatorial candidates have agreed to participate in this important Miami-Dade forum. They all know that Miami-Dade County’s future will be brighter with a Democrat in the governor’s mansion. They also know that the path to a Democratic governor in 2022 runs directly through Florida’s most populous, and most diverse county. I look forward to an event where Miami-Dade Democrats can hear directly from these three outstanding public servants.”

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New leadership at the Miami-Dade Dems!

On Tuesday, August 17, 2021, the Miami-Dade Democratic Party held elections for our chair and programs vice chair positions. After a well-run campaign from multiple candidates, the Democratic Executive Committee elected Robert Dempster (D-North Miami Beach) and Allison Sardinas (D-Homestead) as the new chair and programs vice chair, respectively. 


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Statement from Steve Simeonidis on his resignation as Chair of the Miami-Dade Democratic Party

Dear Democrats: Thank you. Thank you for all the volunteer hours. Thank you for voting in record numbers. Thank you for your record-breaking donations. Thank you for breaking the glass ceiling and electing Daniella Levine Cava as county mayor - the first democrat in 20 years and first woman ever.

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Miami Dade Democrats' Statement on the Protests in Cuba

Statement regarding the protests in Cuba

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Statement on Gun Reform Executive Orders

Miami-Dade Democrats' Statement on Biden's EOs for Gun Reform

The Miami Dade Democratic Party commends President Biden for his Executive Orders, which represent a significant step forward towards the reduction of gun violence in our country. We hope Congress will follow suit by taking action to enact meaningful gun safety measures.

When announcing this legislation, President Biden stated: “They’ve offered plenty of thoughts and prayers, members of Congress, but they’ve passed not a single new federal law to reduce gun violence Enough prayers. Time for some action.” We agree with the President. Executive Orders are merely a start but cannot be a finish.  

These Executive Orders, in summary, work to stop the proliferation of ghost guns, regulate pistols modified with stabilizing braces, help states enact red flag laws, and support community violence interventions.

Ghost guns are guns that can be built from kits or with a 3-D printer.  This weaponry has no serial numbers making them almost untraceable. Currently, a background check is not required to purchase the kits used to build them.

Red Flag or Extreme Risk Laws allow family or law enforcement to petition a court to prohibit a person exhibiting symptoms of a desire to commit violence against themselves or others from being able to purchase a firearm. 

President Biden’s executive order directs the Department of Justice to draft a model statute for states to enact, one model that will survive court challenges. We support such laws, so long as they afford individuals the opportunity for due process under the law. 

Finally, a stabilizing brace allows pistols to be used in the same manner as a rifle and circumvents regulations on short-barreled rifles.  These often make a pistol easier to conceal than a rifle.

The text of the 2nd Amendment permits the regulation of the right to bear arms. President Biden’s common-sense measures are constitutional and will withstand judicial scrutiny. 

We urge Congress to also consider other rules that will protect us all from gun violence, such as closing the Charleston loophole, which allows persons to purchase firearms without a completed background check, making waiting periods effective, and banning high-capacity magazines, bump stocks, and other such conversion devices.

We stand in solidarity with all the victims, families, activists and organizations in Florida who have stepped up to bring these issues forward and are grateful to the Administration for taking action that is long overdue. It is now on Congress to act. We need gun reform now. 


Statement on Chauvin Verdict


Miami-Dade Democrats' Statement on the Chauvin Verdict

"The Miami-Dade Democratic Party supports the Minnesota jury’s decision to find officer Derek Chauvin guilty to the fullest extent of the charges filed. While no court ruling will ultimately reverse this injustice, we are encouraged by the outcome. The Miami-Dade Democratic Party believes that while this is a step in the right direction, the struggle to defeat systemic racism at all levels of government must continue. We commit to fighting for a day when a badge does not allow you to get away with murder, as it has so many times before."

Miami-Dade Democratic Party Chair Steve Simeonidis issued the following statement: "I'm thankful that Mr. Floyd and his family received some measure of justice, but I still feel for the countless others who are still looking for theirs. We must continue to fight for equality and equal justice under the law. Black Lives Matter."

En español:

"El Partido Demócrata de Miami-Dade apoya la decisión del jurado de Minnesota de declarar culpable al oficial Derek Chauvin al máximo número de los cargos imputados. Si bien ningún fallo judicial en definitiva revertirá la injusticia cometida, el resultado es alentador. El Partido Demócrata de Miami-Dade cree que este es un paso en la dirección correcta, sin embargo, la lucha para derrotar el racismo sistémico a todos los niveles de gobierno debe continuar. Nos comprometemos a luchar por el día en el que una chapa de oficial de la policía no permita a alguien salirse con la suya, como lo ha sucedido en innumerables oportunidades."

Steve Simeonidis, Presidente del DEC: "Estoy agradecido de que el Sr. Floyd y su familia hayan recibido cierta medida de justicia, pero todavía siento por los otros innumerables que persiguen la suya. Debemos seguir luchando por la justicia e igualdad la de condiciones bajo la ley. Black Lives Matter."



Dr. Victor Vázquez Obtiene la Victoria en la Carrera del Consejo de Miami Springs

En una victoria rotunda, el Dr. Víctor Vázquez ganó fácilmente la elección para el escaño del Grupo 4 del Consejo de Miami Springs. Vázquez, residente de muchos años de la ciudad y con profundos lazos comunitarios, obtuvo el 70 por ciento de los votos en la contienda del 6 de abril.

In English: Dr. Victor Vázquez Wins Big in Miami Springs Council Race

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