Executive Board

Chair: Robert Dempster - [email protected]

In the summer of 1992, Robert Dempster's family left their home in Kingston, Jamaica and emigrated to the United States, settling in North Miami Beach. Except for the years spent earning his Economics degree at Stetson University, North Miami Beach has been his home ever since.

Robert has been a member of the Democratic Executive Committee for several cycles and was elected to its Executive Board in 2018 as Secretary, while serving as a Union Steward for Communications Workers of America, Local 3122. During the 2020 election cycle he chaired the party’s Campaigns Committee, overseeing a municipal elections program that endorsed 11 candidates, 9 of whom won their races, making it far and away the most successful municipal elections program the party has ever conducted. In 2020 he was elected Vice Chair of Outreach of the party, and shortly thereafter he was elected Chair of the People’s Progressive Caucus of Miami-Dade. He has served on the City of North Miami Beach’s Public Utilities Commission and currently sits on its Planning and Zoning Board.

First Vice Chair: Maria Elena López - [email protected]
Maria Elena Lopez has been involved with the local party since 2008 as a volunteer, organizer and spokesperson during the presidential campaigns. In 2016, she was named Chair of the Issues Committee, creating working groups that addressed pertinent issues affecting the local community. Maria-Elena was elected First Vice Chair in 2018 where she served as a sounding board for clubs and caucuses and was the Chair of the Endorsement Committee. With her reelection in 2020, she has committed to continue initiatives to increase the voter base through grassroots efforts and target Latino voters with messaging that explains and clarifies the party’s platform. She is fluent in English, Spanish and French, a Guardian ad Litem, former president of Benefactors of Ecuador, a Licensed Real Estate Broker and commercial property manager. 

State Committeewoman: Nancy Lawther - [email protected]

State Committeeman: Marc Burton - [email protected]

Secretary: Nikola Patterson Molina - [email protected]

Treasurer: Gregory Frankel - [email protected]

Vice Chair of Outreach: Justin Routt - [email protected]

Vice Chair of Programs: Laura Wagner - [email protected]

Committee Chairs and Steering Level Leadership

General Counsel - Marc Burton

Parliamentarian - Francis Ragoo

Sergeant-at-Arms - Deltravis Williams

Credentials Committee Co-Chair - John Wander <[email protected]>

Credentials Committee Co-Chair - Nikola Patterson Molina <[email protected]>

Voter Registration Committee Chair - Marybeth Prusher <[email protected]>

Issues Committee Chair - Jane Moscowitz <[email protected]>

Interfaith Committee Chair - Lynda Raheem

Finance Committee Co-Chairs - Skip Pita

Membership Committee Co-Chairs - Travon Pierre 

Legislative Liaison - Nancy Lawther

Interclub Council Chair - Norman Hodge

Labor Committee Co-Chairs - Janice Coakley and Nucleus Sheldon

Communications Committee Chair - Martha Schoolman <[email protected]>

Rules and Bylaws Committee Chair - Open Seat

Voter Protection Committee Chair - Wayne Brody <[email protected]>

Campaign Committee Chair - David Geller <[email protected]>