As of 6/10/19, the current membership of the Democratic Executive Committee is listed below including nonvoting Neighborhood Organizers (NOs). The current list of voting Elected Member vacancies can be found here. If you want to contact any of our members, please email

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Role Precinct Gender First Last
Elected 4 F Makeda McLune
Elected 13 M Larry Thorson
Elected 16 M Norman Whyte
At-Large NO 17 F Rachel Streitfeld
Elected NO 18 F Lucia Baez
Elected 23 F Ileana Oroza
Elected NO 25 M Manny Orozco
NO 29 M Leo Melendez
Elected 30 M David Patlak
Elected 31 M Christopher Gates
NO 32 F Melba Pearson
NO 36 F Samantha Borisoff
Elected 36 M Carlos Condarco
NO 36 F Tara Ana Harris
Elected NO 37 F Amanda Knapp
Elected 40 F Mary Bevans
Elected 41 M Christopher Richmond
Elected 42 M Mariano Corcilli
Elected NO 42 F Janis Good
Elected NO 42 M Gabriel Paez
Elected 43 M Prakash Kumar
Elected 48 M Rafael Velasquez
Elected 51 F Carolyn Koslen
NO 101 F Meri-Jane Rochelson
NO 103 F Myrna Golob
NO 105 M Seth Eisenberg
NO 105 F Jennifer Homan
Elected 105 M Evan Ross
Elected 108 F Zenia Perez
NO 114 F Alana Elia
Elected 117 M Robert Dempster
Elected 117 F Adriana Rivera Sanchez
Elected NO 119 M Gregory Saint-Jean
Elected NO 119 F America Schroh
Elected 130 F Patricia Baptiste
Elected NO 130 F Linda Joseph
NO 134 M Alix Desulme
Elected NO 136 F Roseline Philippe
Elected NO 137 F Ketha Otis
Elected 138 F Cassandra Arnold
Elected NO 138 M Jacques Despinosse
Elected 142 M Michael McDearmaid
Elected 146 M Christian Ulvert
Elected 148 F Phyllis Lehman
Elected 154 M Allan Nichols
Elected 155 M Eddie Lewis
At-Large NO 155 M Charles Walter
NO 156 F Kathy (Kathleen) Martin
Elected 156 F Francesca Menes
Elected 160 M Amani Coq
Elected NO 161 F Caroline Williams
Elected 181 M Ken Lipner
Elected 184 M Ernesto Fernandez
Elected 184 F Stacy Richter Altman
Elected 206 M Christopher Benjamin
Elected 207 F Andrea Perez
Elected 208 F Dawn Grayson
Elected 212 F Louella Grayson
Elected 216 F Charlene Butler
Elected 221 F Edith Owens
Elected 223 F Henrietta Lacey
Elected 223 F Sardebra Wright
NO 227 F Olive Thomas
Elected 239 M Bernard Jennings
Elected 239 F Elizabeth Judd
Elected NO 244 F Vanessa Byers
NO 249 F Fannie Jones
Elected 250 F Fosie Joseph-Norton
Elected 252 F Patricia Baldwin
Elected 262 F Verlance Echoles
Elected 265 M Rosenthol Curtis
Elected 269 F Tometro Hopkins
Elected NO 270 F Janice Coakley
NO 296 F Gayla Mangham
Elected 298 F Erika Peralta
NO 300 M Darryl Perez
Elected 303 F Anaruth Solache
Elected NO 311 M Julian Santos
Elected 322 M Antonio Soza
Elected 339 M Eduardo De La Vega
Elected NO 344 M Andres Nazario
Elected 347 M Christian Duran
Elected 351 M Cedric McMinn
Elected 352 M Christopher Norwood
Elected 360 M Rafael Gomez
Elected 364 M Ben De Yurre
NO 389 F Veronica Canas
Elected 409 M Javier Estevez
NO 426 F Natalie Carlier
Elected 430 M Anthony Petisco
Elected 444 M Robert Asencio
Elected 447 M Jorge Medina
Elected 458 M Garrett MacMillan
Elected 462 F Nicole Rodriguez
Elected NO 498 M Jared Crawford
NO 498 F Carmela Fermin
Elected 498 M steve Voltaire
Elected NO 502 F Bibi Baloyra
NO 502 F Kiesha Moodie
Elected 504 M Ronald Bilbao
Elected 504 F Kira Willig
Elected 508 F Asriele Stubbs
Elected 512 M Aaron McKinney
Elected 515 M Gonzalo Vizcardo
Elected 516 F Bess McElroy
NO 516 M Mark Raymond
Elected 520 F Mae Christian
NO 524 F Wava Carpenter
Elected 528 F Marleine Bastien
Elected 532 F Trina Collins
Elected 532 M Steven Dloogoff
NO 532 F Erica Selig
Elected NO 533 M Adrian Madriz
Elected 534 M William Byatt
NO 538 F Susan Bisnoff
NO 538 M Christopher Campbell
Elected NO 538 F Maria Irizarry
Elected 544 M Sam Dorr
Elected 544 M Eleazar Melendez
Elected 546 F Holly Cukier
Elected 547 F Claudia Tenzer
Elected NO 556 M Gustavo Perez
Elected 563 F Isabel Villalon
Elected NO 564 M Rubin Young
Elected 566 F Ann-Lynn Denker
Elected 569 M Jean-Pierre Bado
Elected 569 M Adrian Delgado
Elected 569 F Elizabeth Rodriguez
Elected 572 M Joseph Rome
Elected NO 576 M Manuel Hartman
Elected NO 578 F Linda Christine Alger
NO 578 F Luz Buitrago
NO 578 F Amanda Rae Cachaldora
Elected 579 M Bret Berlin
At-Large NO 582 M Paul Fletcher
Elected 582 F Johnnie McDonald
NO 582 M Richard Steinbook
Elected 582 F Cecilia Webman
Elected 583 M Bruce Jacobs
Elected NO 586 M William Douglas Muir
Elected 586 F Laura Wagner
Elected 587 M Seth Sklarey
Elected 599 F Janet Forte
NO 601 F Lisa Egizi
Elected NO 601 M John Wander
NO 604 F Rosalind Marks
Elected 606 M Wayne Brody
NO 607 F Bentonne Snay
NO 609 F Daisy Baez
Elected NO 611 F Cristina Albright
Elected NO 614 F Maria Elena Lopez
Elected NO 615 F Jane Moscowitz
NO 625 F Gayle Liddle
Elected 625 M Harry Speizer
Elected 625 F Marika Lynch
Elected 627 M Matthew Williams
Elected 628 F Lisa Askowitz
Elected 630 F Cindy Lerner
NO 631 F Annie Pasquale
Elected 631 M Howard Pita
Elected 633 F Lara Coger
Elected 633 M Juan Cuba
NO 633 M Daniel Horton
Elected 636 F Maria Bures
NO 641 F Marianne Pantin
NO 641 F Lynn Wheeler
Elected 644 M Shedrick Boren
Elected NO 644 M John Funchion
Elected NO 644 F Martha Schoolman
Elected 648 M David Abraham
Elected NO 667 M Rob Piper
Elected 694 M Keith Noble
Elected NO 695 F Olga Hernandez
Elected 696 M Miguel Brizuela
Elected 702 F Elizabeth Brito
Elected NO 710 F Karen Burgos
Elected NO 712 F Vilma Tobar
Elected 713 F Glenda Abicht
Elected 717 M Jeffrey Garcia
Elected 717 F Annette Taddeo
Elected NO 720 M Don March
Elected 721 F Millie Herrera
Elected 728 M Franco Caliz-Aguilar
Elected 728 F Venghan (Winnie) Tang
Elected NO 728 M Shannon Mau
Elected 729 M Dany Garcia
Elected 733 F Krystian Moreno
Elected 734 F Barbara Schwartz
Elected NO 739 F Connor Nelson
Elected 740 F Nydia Medina
Elected 741 M Rolland Bravo
Elected NO 741 F Sharon Van Smith
Elected 742 M Ricardo Junquera
Elected 743 F Lynda Raheem
Elected 748 F Carol Solano
Elected 749 M Jose Sirven
Elected 754 F Marybeth Prusher
Elected 756 F Charo Bolanos
Elected 757 M Edmar Amaya-Cortes
Elected 759 M Marvin Hudson
Elected 760 F Carmen Weisz
Elected 761 M Edwin Pagan
Elected 762 M Robert Remmen
Elected 764 M Steven Portal
Elected NO 765 F Teresa Gavalda
Elected NO 766 M Lorenzo Canizares
Elected 776 F Deborah Powell
Elected 777 F Marianela McCall
Elected 788 M Hector Caraballo
Elected 794 F Kathy O'Sullivan
Elected NO 797 M Ramon Guillen Jr.
Elected NO 798 F Michelle Garcia
Elected 802 F Lula Randall
Elected 803 M Charlie Anderson
Elected 803 F Dianna Anderson
NO 806 F Patricia Friedlander
NO 807 M Ed Glab
Elected NO 810 F Julia Brazell Cespedes
Elected 814 M Gorky Carrillo
Elected 814 F Venusmia Fernandez Lovely
Elected 817 F Rubiett Jenkins
Elected 819 M Alejandro Flores
Elected NO 820 M Ricardo Ibarria
Elected NO 820 F Nikola Amanda Patterson-Molina
Elected NO 825 F Anne Hemingway Feuer
At-Large NO 825 F Carole Jackson
Elected 827 F Jessica Laguerre
Elected 829 M Manuel Garzon
NO 840 F Joan Kanet
Elected 845 F Olivia Cutting
Elected 848 M Frank Morra
Elected 849 F Barbara Coakley
Elected 889 M Manuel Gutierrez
Elected 897 F Mary Agnes Breeding
Elected 897 M Douglas Casey
At-Large NO 897 F Nancy Sittig
NO 900 F Elizabeth Bonnell
Elected NO 901 F Judith Blum Blanchard
Elected 909 F Bobbi Farias
Elected 909 M Johnny Farias
Elected NO 913 M Artie Leichner
Elected NO 920 M Kevin Chambliss
Elected NO 930 F Diane Lockwood
Elected 949 M Norman Hodge
Elected 953 F Erin Berry
Elected NO 953 M Thomas Berry
NO 955 F Greer Wallace
Elected 965 M Patricio Moreno
Elected 967 M Deltravis Williams
Elected 969 F Leonarda Duran
At-Large NO 969 F Marie Flore Lindor-Latortue
Elected 978 F Frances Colon
Elected 982 M Kevin Tipton
Elected 984 M Stephen Simeonidis
NO 995 M Alex Demas
Elected 996 M Gabriel Goffman
At-Large NO 996 M Henry Honig
Elected NO 996 F Gail Paris
NO ? F Janell Lewis
At-Large At-Large M Diana Burnet
At-Large At-Large M Christopher Cabral
At-Large At-Large F Shannon Del Prado
At-Large At-Large F Fayola Delica
At-Large At-Large M Chester Fair
At-Large At-Large M Hugo Fernandez
At-Large At-Large M Orlando Hernandez
At-Large At-Large M Jeremy Kozyak
At-Large At-Large M Santiago Leon
At-Large At-Large M Eddie Medina
At-Large At-Large M Hector Medina
At-Large At-Large M Ariel Morel
At-Large At-Large M Carlos Puentes
At-Large At-Large M Richard Quincoces
At-Large At-Large F Victoria Rivera
At-Large At-Large F Patricia Rodriguez
At-Large At-Large F Angela Shlyakhov
At-Large At-Large M Jeffrey Solomon
At-Large At-Large M Grant Stern
At-Large At-Large M James Watson
At-Large At-Large F Franccesca Cesti-Browne