Our Values - Miami-Dade Democratic Party

In 2019, the Miami-Dade Democratic Party amended our bylaws to include the following value statements. We hope you read and familiarize what we stand for. The Miami-Dade Democratic Executive Committee can periodically amend these values through majority vote.

Values Statement

We, the Democrats of Miami-Dade County, are further united by commitments to common values that guide our work.  In our effort to embody the best of the state’s and nation’s heritage and traditions, and with recognition that the work of creating a more perfect union is not complete, we commit to uphold and live by the following values, deeply rooted in the best of the American tradition and in line with the America for which we commit our work:

That all should be paid fairly for their work and that all should have the opportunity for a dignified standard of living.

That all Americans deserve access to adequate health care so as to have the opportunity to live their full lives as individuals and members of the community.

That public education is the bedrock of opportunity in America, and every child in this country regardless of race, background, gender identity, wealth, location, ability level, or language deserves the right to a quality public education that prepares them for life, work, and citizenship in a democratic society.

That climate change is real, undeniable, and an existential threat to our future demanding courageous action.

And that the gains of the Civil Rights Movement to ensure equal legal standing of all Americans exist regardless of race, color, and creed must never be rolled back and are central to modern democracy.

To work towards compassionate immigration reform, respecting the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution which guarantees citizenship to all citizens born in the United States, recognizing the contributions immigrants have always made and continue to make throughout the country and especially in Miami-Dade.

To protect religious minorities from discrimination and the demonization of religious minorities in our party, county, and nation. To stand for freedom of or from religion and in support of the separation of church and state.

That women should govern their own healthcare choices, and that it is never the role of the government to do so.

That the right to vote is sacred and under no conditions to be denied for political purposes or withheld from certain communities for partisan aims; that all citizens of the United States aged 18 years or older deserve the most convenient, hassle-free, and unabridged means to cast a ballot in all elections in which they are eligible to vote.

That all Americans, including LBGTQ+ Americans, are entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, regardless of who they love or choose to marry.

That because its absence has already cut short the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness of too many Americans, there is a practical and moral imperative for common sense gun safety regulation.   

We further recognize that our interpretations of these values may differ, and in those differing interpretations is what makes us the Democratic Party: diverse people from many walks of life, collectively seeking to fulfill the promise of a free and fair United States of America.

We encourage all registered Democrats running for public office in Miami-Dade County, whether their election is partisan or non-partisan, to sign a statement pledging to uphold these values if elected.

We hold with the greatest respect the diversity that exists within our party, and recognize the variety of choices individuals make as a result of their deeply held personal and/or religious beliefs that may stray from the above platform. So as not to force one to compromise religious and/or personal beliefs, we would ask anyone claiming religious or personal exemption to any singular issue above, rather than uphold, merely pledge not to sponsor or support any bill or policy that would seek to go against that issue.