Miami-Dade Democrats Join Calls For DeSantis To Accept Federal Funds For Safer Elections During COVID-19 Crisis

MIAMI, FL: The CARES Act included $400 million in election safety grants, with Florida eligible for over $20 million dollars to make our elections safer. Yet, as of May 12, Florida is one of only six states that have not requested these funds.

Calls for accepting the funding continue to mount. Over the last week, Commissioner of Agriculture Nikki Fried and Democratic members of Florida’s congressional delegation have called on Governor Ron DeSantis to request these needed funds.

Steve Simeonidis, chair of the Miami-Dade Democratic Party, urged Governor DeSantis to act to protect Florida voters:

“No one should have to choose between exercising their right to vote and protecting their health. While we are focused every day on educating voters on safe ways to exercise their rights to vote, it is a travesty that the DeSantis administration has not requested the federal funds allocated to Florida to make our elections safer. He must act now.” 


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Refusal to Pass Earned Sick Leave Is An Embarrassment

MIAMI FL: Miami-Dade Democratic Party Chairman Steve Simeonidis today issued the following statement in response to the Miami-Dade County Commission Policy Council’s vote against a local earned sick leave policy:

“Today’s vote is simply an embarrassment and greatly concerning given the real health challenges workers face today in the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak. What message does this send to those who worry that calling in sick could leave them without a job or lost wages? This is a moment in time when we need to embrace policies that protect those workers who are on the frontlines delivering critical care and services. Rejecting any form of earned sick leave is shocking and irresponsible.”

Miami-Dade Democrats call on DeSantis administration to reject Corrupt Carlos-style pay-to-play contracts for new FIU bridge

FDOT should learn from Giménez’s deadly failures, put safety above politics in selecting new FIU bridge construction firm

MIAMI FL: Two years after the tragic collapse of a pedestrian bridge at Florida International University that killed six, Florida’s Department of Transportation announced its plan for a new bridge project yesterday.

“Over and over, Corrupt Carlos Giménez has doled out public money to his friends, family, and donors. He favored extending a $130 million contract to the firm who built the original bridge, because of his deep family ties to the firm,” said Steve Simeonidis, Chair of the Miami-Dade Democratic Party. “Governor DeSantis and Transportation Secretary Thibault must avoid this mistake. The next FIU bridge contract should go to a firm that does competent, safe work, not a political insider.”

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