Miami-Dade: Vote for Democrats by November 8

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Voting by mail? REMEMBER: you MUST sign the back of the envelope!

This November, Miami-Dade has the chance to end the cruelty of this Ron DeSantis and vote in Charlie Crist and Karla Hernandez to the governor's mansion in Tallahassee. It is just as important to replace Marco Rubio with someone who will actually show up for the job, and vote in smart, qualified, empathetic Democrats to seats in Congress, the State Senate, and State House throughout Miami-Dade County. Are you election ready? 

Want a printable version of our recommendations? Download a printable version here:

United States Senator

#11 Val Demings

Representative in Congress

#16 Frederica Wilson, District 24

#18 Christine Alexandria Olivo, District 26

#21 Annette Taddeo, District 27

#23 Robert Asencio, District 28

Governor & Lieutenant Governor

#25 Charlie Crist & Karla Hernandez

Attorney General

#31 Aramis Ayala

Chief Financial Officer

#33 Adam Hattersley

Commissioner of Agriculture

#35 Naomi Esther Blemur

State Senator

#41 Raquel Pacheco, District 36

#43 Janelle Perez, District 38

State Representative

#45 Jordan W. Leonard, District 106

#49 Alessandro “A.J.” D’Amico, District 113

#51 Adam Benna, District 114

#53 Christie Cantin Davis, District 115

#55 Johnny Gonzalo Farias, District 118

#57 Gabriel Gonzalez, District 119

#59 Adam Gentle, District 120

Constitutional Amendments  

Amendment 2: No #203

County Referendums

County Referendum 1: Yes #206

County Referendum 2: Yes #208

School Board Referendum: Yes #210

Want a printable version of our recommendations? Download a printable version here:

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Early Voting starts on October 24 at 28 sites around Miami-Dade County, where there will be secure drop boxes where you can drop off your completed Vote-By-Mail ballot in its sealed envelope (be sure to sign the back). Find an Early Voting site near you.


to reduce costs for Florida families:

  • Florida Democrats are focused on fighting price gouging at the pump, providing relief for Florida families who are struggling with the cost of food, housing, utilities, and gas. Florida Republicans like Ron DeSantis are focused on impressing extreme MAGA voters in Iowa and New Hampshire when they should be focused on your lives.

to defend women’s reproductive freedom:

  • Florida Republicans are focused on passing extreme abortion bans when they should be trying to improve our economy, ensure that every American can find a good paying job and make health care more affordable. Democrats believe in the freedom of a woman to make her own personal health care decisions and oppose government interference in health care decisions between women and their doctors.

to reduce the cost of prescription drugs and access to healthcare.

  • Democrats are focused on making prescription drugs and health care more affordable. It’s not fair that you pay more for drugs that were invented here than people in other countries pay for them, but Ron DeSantis and Florida Republicans prevent common sense reforms because they are in Big Pharma’s pocket.