Christopher Richmond Hired as Miami-Dade Democratic Party’s Digital and Development Director

Filmmaker and digital storyteller begins this week

Miami, FL: The Miami-Dade Democratic Party has hired filmmaker and digital storyteller Christopher Richmond, 35, as its new Digital and Development Director.

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Miami-Dade Democratic Party Shatters Records with 2019 Fundraising

Miami, FL: The Miami-Dade Democratic Party has announced that it achieved an all-time, record shattering fundraising year in 2019. Through a combination of small dollar donations, monthly fundraisers, and its signature annual fundraiser The Blue Gala, the Party was able to raise $607,187.82. The Party’s most successful fundraising year previously, raked in a total of $377,228.97.


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Mike Bloomberg to visit Wynwood on Sunday eve, January 26 for organizing event

We are pleased to see presidential candidates visit South Florida. As the Miami-Dade Democratic Party, we will do our best to share information about their local appearances in our county, providing equal access for all candidates to our followers and email subscribers.

Florida for Mike Organizing Event in Miami with visit from Mike Bloomberg

Sunday, January 26, 2020
2215 NW 1st Pl
Miami, FL 33127

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Call today: Final chance to preserve the Urban Development Boundary and protect our drinking water

1. Use the script below to oppose changes to the Urban Development Boundary (contact information for Commissioners follows the script).
2. After making your call, please fill out this tracking form so we can monitor our support and ensure each commissioner is contacted. 
3. More background information and sources are available from the Hold the Line Coalition's One Pager including links to primary sources, media reports, and the Task Force’s majority report.

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Corrupt Carlos Mulls Congressional Bid

Miami, FL: Failed Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Giménez is rumored to be considering a run for Florida’s 26th congressional district. The Miami-Dade Democratic Party is deeply familiar with Corrupt Carlos’ litany of failed policies and self-dealings throughout his tenure as mayor and strongly opposes his potential candidacy.


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