Miami elects Sabina Covo, the city's first Colombian born commissioner

History was made on Monday, February 27. Heading into women's history month, residents of Miami's district 2 elected Sabina Covo as their Commissioner, only the second time the city has elected a Latina woman to the commission (The city of Miami's population is 72% Hispanic). The Miami-Dade Democratic Party proudly salutes Sabina Covo’s victory in this special election.

Covo ran on a platform that prioritized combatting the effects of climate change, expanding access to high-quality public transit, making housing more affordable to residents, supporting arts and entertainment, and boosting the City’s economic development and tourism.

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As Commissioner she will address Miami’s infrastructure and improve the City’s resilience planning to better combat the effects of tropical storms and rising sea levels.

Ms. Covo, a Colombian-American, previously worked as the Director of Hispanic Media Relations and Communications at the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services under former Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried, the newly elected Chair of the Florida Democratic Party.

“Congratulations to Commissioner-Elect Covo and her team on a well run campaign and a decisive victory,” said Party Chair Robert Dempster. “The real winners tonight are the residents of District 2, who have elected one of their own, a true District 2 resident, to fight for them. The Miami-Dade Democratic Party is proud to have endorsed Commissioner Elect Covo and to have been a part of her journey.”

Covo’s past media employers include NBCUniversal Telemundo, PRISA, SBS, Audi of Latin America, Caracol Broadcasting Inc., MundoFox, El Nuevo Herald, Spanish Broadcasting System and Gen Media Partners.

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