Trump Acting Like a “Caudillo” Again in Response to Protests

Legitimate, Peaceful Protest is Protected Under Our Constitution; Trump Should Embrace the First Amendment


Miami-Dade County, FL: Reports emerged Monday that Attorney General William Barr would be sending Federal riot teams to Washington DC and Miami. Instead of condemning the racist violence that started the nationwide protests, Donald Trump has encouraged division, instigated violence, and threatened protesters with shooting. Today, he urged governors to “dominate” protesters and give anyone arrested at these protests a 10-year jail sentence.

Miami-Dade Democratic Party Chair Steve Simeonidis drew a parallel between Trump’s behavior and the Latin American dictatorships from which many residents of South Florida fled.

“For many Miami-Dade residents who fled dictatorships in Latin America, Donald Trump’s behavior is an awful reminder of what they left behind,” said Steve Simeonidis, Chair of the Miami-Dade Democratic Party. “When Donald Trump attacks the press, and calls them ‘fake news,’ when Donald Trump claims that his authority to re-open states is ‘total,’ when Donald Trump threatens violence on peaceful protesters, when Donald Trump calls his political opponents ‘scum,’ and retweets videos that say ‘The only good Democrat is a dead Democrat,’ he is acting like a ‘caudillo,’ or a ‘demagogue strongman’—the kind of leader from whom many in South Florida have fled. We can’t allow another four years of Donald Trump’s chaos and authoritarian impulses.”


Esteban “Steve” Bovo’s Continued Connections to Maduro Money Should Trigger Investigation

Miami-Dade Democratic Party Demands Maduro-Funded Steve Bovo Call for Investigation into His Campaign

Miami-Dade County, FL: One week ago, County Commissioner Esteban “Steve” Bovo and Commissioner Sosa called earned sick leave “communism.” Just after that, it was revealed that Steve Bovo received donations from an agent of Venezuelan dictator Nicholas Maduro. Yesterday, it came out that his chief fundraiser had a direct connection to the murderous Maduro regime. Steve Bovo sought to placate constituents by firing the fundraiser, but the damage is done.

All of the money Steve Bovo has received through that fundraiser should be questioned and there are now two links from the Bovo campaign to the Maduro regime.

Miami-Dade Democratic Party Chair Steve Simeonidis condemned the growing trend of Maduro Money finding its ways into the hands of Republican politicians in Miami-Dade. “If Steve Bovo was so concerned with these transactions that it caused him to immediately fire his advisor, then he should join the call for the US Attorney’s office to move with an immediate investigation,” Simeonidis said. “The investigation should also focus on all donations made by the tainted Maduro Money to campaigns, including Bovo’s. We hope he would welcome that as part of the investigatory process.”


Miami-Dade Democratic Party Ready to Fight Republican Voter Suppression

“We Will Protect the Rule of Law No Matter What They Try”

Miami, FL: In response to extraordinary Republican voter suppression efforts, the Miami-Dade Democratic Party is gearing up to provide heightened voter protection in this year’s August and November elections.

Starting June 1, Democrats will train an unprecedented number of voter protection volunteers. “We’re standing up for all of Miami-Dade, making sure that every citizen counts,” explained Wayne Brody, Chair of the Miami-Dade Democratic Party Voter Protection Committee. “To do that, we are looking for lawyers, activists, problem solvers, and anyone who feels the need to make a difference.”

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Trump es responsable de empeorar la crisis del coronavirus, comunidad hispana la más afectada por su respuesta

Con más de 52.000 floridanos con casos positivos de COVID-19 y más de dos millones de trabajadores desempleados desde que la crisis llegó a Florida, Donald Trump continúa fallando a los floridanos en su respuesta al coronavirus. A pesar de que Donald Trump quiere actuar como si todo estuviera bajo control, el COVID-19 continúa esparciéndose en Florida y en la nación debido a la incapacidad del presidente de manejar la crisis. Por su parte, la comunidad hispana ha sido la más impactada durante esta crisis, una comunidad totalmente olvidada por Trump. Con motivo de la visita de Donald Trump a Florida, hemos recopilado una serie de noticias a tomar en cuenta:

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110 miembros serán elegidos al Comité Ejecutivo del Partido Demócrata de Miami-Dade

Todavía estás a tiempo de postularse para representar a tu distrito en el Comité Ejecutivo del Partido Demócrata de Miami-Dade.

En agosto, los votantes de Miami-Dade inscritos en el Partido Demócrata seleccionarán a 110 representantes que constituirán el Comité Ejecutivo Demócrata (DEC por sus siglas en inglés). Cada uno de los 55 distritos del condado elegirán un representante y una representante.  


Estos representantes tendrán la responsabilidad de organizar los recintos en sus distritos (alrededor de 25K personas por distrito) y de dar voz a sus constituyentes dentro del Partido Demócrata local.

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More Maduro-Linked Donations to Republicans Emerge: Rhonda Rebman Lopez and Irina Vilariño accepted Tainted Money

Miami-Dade, FL: - Four Republican candidates running in Miami-Dade County have accepted money from disgraced former congressman David Rivera, whose company was paid $15M by Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro's PDVSA oil company, it was revealed in the New York Times yesterday. We've highlighted donations to Commissioner Esteban "Steve" Bovo and District 8 Candidate John Dubois. We now highlight two more GOP candidates who have accepted the tainted Maduro-linked money: 
  • House District 120 candidate Rhonda Rebman Lopez accepted $1,000 in September 2019.
  • Former Congressional District 26 candidate Irina Vilariño accepted $2,800 in December 2019.
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Miami-Dade Democrats Condemn Maduro-Linked Donations to Commission Candidate John DuBois

Miami-Dade, FL: - A bombshell New York Times story yesterday revealed that former Republican congressman David Rivera and his company were paid $15M by Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro’s PDVSA oil company. Several local Miami-Dade politicians are implicated in this scandal, as David Rivera's company has made donations to both Esteban "Steve" Bovo (who has since announced he will return the tainted money), as well as District 8 Commission Candidate John DuBois. Mr. DuBois has remained silent about the Maduro-linked money.
Miami-Dade Democratic Party Chair Steve Simeonidis issued the following statement: 

“John DuBois owes the residents of District 8 an explanation for accepting donations linked to the brutal regime of Nicolas Maduro. He must return those funds immediately. Candidate DuBois owes this community an apology for accepting tainted money and for his silence in the face of this scandal.”