You decide who gets to go to the convention from Miami-Dade. Sign up by Wednesday 5/13

Most people don't realize, but it's up to registered Democratic Party voters to elect who will represent them at the Democratic National Convention in August! All you need to do is make sure you request a ballot at this link by Wednesday 5pm, and you will be emailed a ballot. Actual voting will take place electronically between Thursday and Saturday.

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Who is running from Miami-Dade?

From District 27 (Donna Shalala's district) 

Biden Female Delegates (2)

Hana Eskra
Maria Millie Herrera
Amanda Knapp
Cristina Mas
Laurie Nuell
Maria Cecilia Tavera
Anne Wedner

Biden Male Delegates (2)

David Adler
Michael Adler
Shedrick Boren
Steven Dloogoff
Joseph Joe Falk
Raul Martinez Jr
Kevin Orihuela
Alexander Sutton

Sanders Female Delegate (1)

Isabella Isa Corzo
Michelle Jacobs
Julie Morency
Nailah Summers

From District 26 (Debbie Mucarsel-Powell's district) 

Biden Female Delegates (2)

Elizabeth Betty Haeberer
Betsy Leder
Natascha Otero-Santiago
Susan Wasilewski

Biden Male Delegates (2)

Jose Pepi Avila
Kevin Chambliss
Charles Leder
Jason Schoch
Stuart Strickland
James Kirk Thompson

Sanders Male Delegate (1)

Jeffrey JD Adler
Ruben Castellano
Giancarlo Giancarlo Espinosa
Bryan Hernandez
Dakin Weekley

From District 25 (Mario Diaz Balart's district)

Biden Female Delegate (1)

Lois Cohen
Rovena Frangu
Karla Mats
Laura L. Novosad

Biden Male Delegate (1)

Rodrigo Lozano
Terence Terry Murphy
Olakunbi Kunbi Oguneye

Sanders Degate (1)

Jessica Jess Cuellar
Linda Johnsen
Aaron Medrano

From District 24 (Frederica Wilson's district)

Biden Female Delegates (2)

Janice Coakley
Mindy Grimes Festge
Linda Joseph
Ashira Mohammed
Ketha Otis
Edith Owens
Jessica Jess Pupo
Leanna Rodriguez
Suzie Stephen
Melba White

Biden Male Delegates (2)

Carlos Andrade
Matthew Matt Dates
Jacques Despinosse
Marco Giron
Geoffrey Jacobs
Bernard Jennings
Ricardo Ricky Junquera
Mark McCullough
Antonio White

* 1 additional Biden delegate candidate will be selected, regardless of gender.

Sanders Delegate (1)

Barbara Bordet
Maruxa Cardenas Surillo
Rachel Gilmeer
Laura Hill
Melissa Lopez
Tracy Truppman
Caroline Williams
Kira Willig
Gabriel Alarcon
Philippe Bien-Aime
Ari Epstein
Jonathan Moses
Vincent Imelda Newman
Allan A J Nichols (requested to be removed from running)
Jerome Jay Thompson Jr.
Alberonick Valsaint

From District 23 (Debbie Wasserman Schultz's district)

Biden Female Delegates (2)

Sheryl Berkowitz
Beth Besner
Mai Bradley
Sandra Sandi Coleman
Virginia Diaz
Jessica Rivera
Aude Sicard
Elisabeth TasisSmall
Linda Thigpen

Biden Male Delegates (2)

Todd Delmay
Andrew Dolberg
Philip Phil Fortman
Joseph Joe Geller
Noah Goldberg
Matthew Goldberg
Joseph Howard Jr.
Lawrence Margolis
Andrew Andy Reisman
Carlos Rodriguez
Ricardo Rodriguez
Marco Sieber

* 1 additional Biden delegate candidate will be selected, regardless of gender.

Sanders Delegate (1)

Carolina Ampudia
Jennifer Ferre
Jamie Friend
Tasha Greer
Rachel Otto
Quayneshia Smith
William Bravo
Alexander Alex Erlenbach
Michaelangelo Hamilton
Myles Herbert
Joseph Mullen
Alberto Partida

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