More Maduro-Linked Donations to Republicans Emerge: Rhonda Rebman Lopez and Irina Vilariño accepted Tainted Money

Miami-Dade, FL: - Four Republican candidates running in Miami-Dade County have accepted money from disgraced former congressman David Rivera, whose company was paid $15M by Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro's PDVSA oil company, it was revealed in the New York Times yesterday. We've highlighted donations to Commissioner Esteban "Steve" Bovo and District 8 Candidate John Dubois. We now highlight two more GOP candidates who have accepted the tainted Maduro-linked money: 
  • House District 120 candidate Rhonda Rebman Lopez accepted $1,000 in September 2019.
  • Former Congressional District 26 candidate Irina Vilariño accepted $2,800 in December 2019.
Miami-Dade Democratic Party Chair Steve Simeonidis issued the following statement: 

“Republican candidates across Miami-Dade love to bash Democrats for advocating for working people and increasing access to healthcare saying these ideas would lead down the path to Venezuelan-style socialism. At the same time, they clearly have no problem accepting money with direct links to Venezuelan dictator Maduro.”

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