Quinn Smith and Joe Carollo running for Miami Commissioner District 3

City of Miami Elections 2021

The future of Miami is in the hands of voters. Fewer than 10% of voters have cast their ballot either by mail or in early voting. Election Day is tomorrow. It is too late to mail your ballot. 

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For those not familiar with the Miami city commission, the five commissioners make important decisions that affect local businesses, housing, zoning, sanitation, code enforcement, and many other areas that have direct impact on our lives. Considering that the City of Miami is the economic epicenter for the county, the City of Miami elections have serious ramifications for all of us.

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Miami 2021 Elections, Candidates for District 3 from left to right:
Andriana Oliva, (Rodney) Quinn Smith, Joe Carollo, and Miguel Soliman

Of everything on the ballot, we consider one of the most critical races to be that of District 3. Incumbent Joe Carollo has been documented and charged with cases of corruption and intimidation. His blatant abuse of power is dangerous to the city, and we hope that voters will recognize the importance of replacing him with a candidate who will fight for all residents of Miami, not just those who vote for him/her.

A lawyer by trade, Quinn Smith has shown his dedication to bringing businesses to Miami with his work through the Miami International Arbitration Society, the International Chamber of Commerce, and the American Arbitration Association. He has also demonstrated his commitment to the community and social impact causes. Quinn sits on the boards of the Community Justice Project, Opa-locka Community Development Corporation, and O, Miami.


  • Seeing the impending housing affordability crisis facing Miami, Quinn has designated housing as his top priority to be addressed by the commission.
  • He also sees the need to keep our communities clean, not only for quality of life, but also for protecting the water quality in the bay and the water we drink.
  • Infrastructure is another key area for improvement. With the influx of residents from around the country, we will need new solutions to tackle the growing challenges in mobility
  • Permitting and code enforcement also needs serious revamp. We cannot allow bureaucrats preferences to take precedence over our progress as a city. 
  • Transparency and being responsive to constituents are key. Good government is critical to a highly-functioning city. Quinn hopes to return a greater sense of accountability to the commission.

Miami is still in a serious growth phase, and Quinn Smith is the best candidate to support small businesses and struggling home owners / renters. 

(Rodney) Quinn Smith is on the ballot along with Joe Carollo, Andriana Oliva, and Miguel Soliman.

Below is a map of District 3. Only voters in District 3 are able to vote in this race. If you know someone in the district, please remind them about the importance of these City of Miami Elections 2021.


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