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Talking Points Memo, March 27, 2014: "Former Fla. Rep. Leaves GOP That's Being 'Held Hostage By A Group Of Extremists" Read the story here.

MSNBC, March 25, 2014: "Rick Scott Donor Raises Issue Over Racial Tensions - Annette Taddeo on The Ed Show" Watch the video here.

Tampa Bay Times, March 25, 2014: "Miami-Dade Dems Call on Governor to Apologize for Hispanic Slur" Read the story here.

Miami Herald Blog, March 13, 2014: "Miami-Dade Democrats slam School Board member running for Congress over guns-in-schools vote" Read the story here.

Think Progress, February, 11, 2014: "Republican Defects to Democratic Party, Citing Pressure to Turn Against Hispanics" Read the story here.

Huffington PostFebruary 10, 2014: "Former Florida State Rep. Ana Rivas Logan Leaves GOP Over Immigration, Becomes A Democrat" Read the story here.

CBS Miami, February 10, 2014: "Politician Ditches GOP For Democrats" Read the story here.

Sunshine State News, February, 10 2014: "Ana Rivas Logan leaves the GOP, Joins the Democrats" Read the story here.

Only in Miami, Jan. 20, 2014: "Executive Director Juan Cuba discussed local, state & national politics on the #OnlyInMiami radio show." Listen to the podcast here.

Naked Politics, Jan. 15, 2014: "Miami-Dade's GOP & Dem party chair join forces: Stop sex-trafficking." Read the story here.


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