Shutdown the GOP

Florida — don't forget these names and faces: These are the Florida House Republicans who voted FOR the shutdown (full list after the jump). 

Get involved now so that next November, we can shut down the GOP.

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Are you ready for shutdown?

shutdownsurvivalkit2.pngWe can help you survive the shutdown — by registering voters who will make sure we send GOP congresspeople packing next year.

Here's how it works: 

  • Drop by the Miami-Dade Dems office (2141 SW 1 Street, Suite 204) this Friday, October 4th between 4 and 8 pm.
  • Pick up a clipboard with voter reg forms
  • Register 5 voters.
  • Drop off the completed forms at our office any time on Monday.
  • Rinse and repeat next weekend!

Together, we are going to #shutdowntheGOP.


'It's working' in Florida...not!

Governor Rick Scott seems to think that Florida doesn't need Obamacare — or a Medicaid expansion that would offer health insurance to an extra 1.1 million people statewide. Maybe he needs to be reminded that Florida has the nation's SECOND highest rate of uninsured people — & 800,000 of them live in Miami-Dade.

To illustrate just how disgraceful GOP obstruction of health care in Florida is, we created this new graphic using heat maps of health coverage nationwide. We think it speaks for itself.

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Miami Should Defy Navigator Ban, Stand with Broward and Pinellas

Date: Tuesday, September 24, 2013
Contact: Rachel Johnson, 305.771.2167

Miami-Dade should defy navigator ban, stand with Broward and Pinellas

Today Broward County is expected to pass a resolution defying Governor Rick Scott's ban of Obamacare navigators from county health offices, joining Pinellas as the second county to resist the navigator ban. 

"We applaud Broward Mayor Kristin Jacobs and county commissioners for resisting Governor Scott's outrageous attempts to deny Floridians access to health care information," said Miami-Dade Democratic Party Chair Annette Taddeo-Goldstein. 

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Really, Mr. Speaker?

Last week the GOP had the gall to release this outrageous video "celebrating" Hispanic Heritage Month. 

The video features Speaker John Boehner and a string of Republicans paying hollow lip services to the contributions of Hispanics to this country. Meanwhile, those same Republican "leaders" are holding the economy hostage over Obamacare — when 15 million Hispanics in this country are uninsured — gutting SNAP benefits for millions of low-income families, and continuing to derail comprehensive immigration reform. 

Watch our video responding to the GOP. (Click here to see the video in Spanish.)

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