Jeff Porter's win is a BIG victory for Miami-Dade Democrats


Last night, Democrat Jeff Porter was elected Mayor of Homestead by a margin of 55 to 45 percent — despite being outspent four to one by Republican Mark Bell.

The Miami-Dade Democratic Party is proud to have led the ground effort in Homestead — knocking on nearly 5,000 doors, increasing Democratic turnout, and educating voters about Jeff's record as a public servant with phone and mail communication.

This decisive victory proved that Mark and Lynda Bell, and their Tea Party orientation & cozy relationship with special interests, are NOT what Homestead voters are looking for.

Congratulations Jeff on winning a hard-fought race. And thank you to everyone who knocked doors, made calls, or contributed to the Miami-Dade Democratic Party. Your support was an investment in this victory, and many more like it — because THIS is how we build a blue Florida: from the bottom up. 

Are you ready for the next win? Please make a contribution today to help us elect more Democrats in Miami-Dade.


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