Recall City of Miami Commissioner Joe Carollo - learn more and volunteer

As national news dedicates nearly 24/7 coverage to Donald Trump, we have our own corrupt politician right here in Miami who likes to abuse power.

For residents of Miami, it's important to know the name Joe Carollo


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Elections are taking place October / November 2021

Joe Carollo has broken the law by using city funds to campaign for his political ally. He's dangerous - using the power of his office to intimidate and harass business owners and residents (see: Ball & Chain). And he's more preoccupied with his petty political fights than he is with the real problems we face as a city (see: the meeting they adjourned without hearing a single item on the agenda).

Statement of Grounds for Recall:
Joe Carollo should be recalled from his elected office as the District 3 City Commissioner for committing misfeasance and malfeasance, as described below:

1. Carollo abused his power and violated the City Charter by instructing code enforcement officials to target, harass, and intimidate a business owner in Little Havana who supported Carollo’s political opponent. Carollo himself participated in the harassment, visiting the targeted business late at night and claiming that he is the “new sheriff in town” and that he “is the law.” Carollo’s actions resulted in a federal lawsuit and an investigation by the Miami-Dade Commission on Ethics and Public Trust;

2. Carollo abused his power and violated state law by using public funds to support the political campaign of a political ally. In 2018, Carollo repeatedly used public funds to organize lunchtime events for senior citizens, which included free food and other giveaways; Carollo invited his political ally to attend these events and converted them into campaign rallies for his political ally, encouraging the seniors in attendance to vote for him.

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