We need you. Miami-Dade could decide the next President and ultimately the next Supreme Court Justice

Today is a new day. RBG fought for justice and wanted to have her replacement selected after the next President is elected. It’s on us to preserve democracy. What can you do?

Join a phone bank to educate Miami-Dade voters about mail in voting and dropping ballot off in advance (this can be done from anywhere)

Join the Miami-Dade voter protection team. Become a poll watcher to report any irregularities.

Join a caravan as part of Hispanic Heritage month to support Joe Biden

Share the Miami-Dade virtual slate card

Join one of our Early Voting Site Teams
Join an early voting site team to coordinate with volunteers from your neighborhood. Practicing safety guidelines, we will be staffing early voting sites every day to encourage voters to vote Democrat as they walk in to cast their ballot. This is a HUGE undertaking and we're going to need all the help! http://b.link/miamidadeearlyvotingsiteleader

Want to be a Neighborhood Leader?
We need volunteers willing to help distribute yard signs, postcards, and coordinate volunteers activities in their community, along with folks capable of driving materials to volunteers. Join our first call to get folks in action. We’ll be meeting every week. First meeting on Monday

Volunteer with a local candidate or local Democratic club

Apply to be a paid canvasser

The November election is just around the corner. Make sure you're registered to vote, and sign up for your Vote-By-Mail ballot here. Check out virtual events where you can contribute your time to helping Democrats win

Sign up for email updates, and join us at county and local club meetings to learn how to get more involved.