Members Hub

New to being a DEC member? Want to know what to do next? We can help! Follow these four steps to get started: 

1.  Check out these slides about how the DEC is structured. This might help with understanding how we function, how we are different than the Florida Democratic Party or the Democratic National Committee, and how that all fits together.

2. Go through our suggested training modules. These modules will go over what a committee person is, what canvassing is, how to train others, etc. 

3. Sign up for a committee. A committee is a smaller part of the larger DEC that focuses on specific areas of organizing. For example, there is a communications committee, a campaigns committee, finance, etc. Through participating in an committee, you will have the opportunity to use your talents to help the folks of Miami Dade with a laser focus on that committee's goals. 

4. Come to our meetings. Once you sign up to become a member, you should get emails about upcoming meetings. Just be on the lookout for those and we'll see you there! 

Additionally, here are some other resources that you all may find helpful: 

  • Bylaws
  • Party leadership
    • The Chair, State Committeeman, and State Committeewoman shall serve for a term of four years or until their respective successors are elected at the next Organizational Meeting.
    • The First Vice Chair, Program Vice Chair, Outreach Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer shall serve for a term of two years or until their respective successors are elected at the next Organizational Meeting.
  • Committees
  • Social Media:
  • Basics of Robert's Rules of Order
  • DEC Meetings
    • General Body Meetings
      • This is a meeting consisting of the general membership of the DEC. Some examples of the business that happens during general body meetings include: reports from the committees, voting on resolutions, voting on endorsements, voting on membership changes, voting on budget changes.
    • Steering Committee
      • The  Steering Committee is composed of the officers of the County Executive Committee, the Parliamentarian, the Sergeant-at-Arms, the General Counsel, the Chairs of Standing Committees, a representative from each Caucus chartered in Miami-Dade, and a representative from each Club chartered in Miami-Dade that has satisfied the requirements in Article II, Section 5.9 of the bylaws.
      • The Steering Committee shall supervise, administer, and control the policies and affairs of the County Executive Committee and make decisions between meetings not inconsistent with these Bylaws and policies set by the County Executive Committee.
      • Resolutions are usually brought to the Steering Committee after passing through the Issues Committee. Once passed within the Steering Committee, resolutions are then passed on to the general body for a vote.
      • The budget is brought to the Steering Committee for a vote. Once passed within the Steering Committee, the budget is moved on to the general body for a vote.
    • Committee Meetings
      • Committee Meetings are held to help develop various areas of the local Party through each respective committee.
  • General Communication
    • Email will be used to drive most communication about upcoming events, meetings, trainings, and other activities.
    • WhatsApp will be used for quick response communication.
  • DEC Calendar of Events