Why re-electing Commissioner Eileen Higgins matters for Miami and Miami Beach...

In 2018, Eileen Higgins upset the establishment, and brought a fresh progressive voice to Miami-Dade government. She is running in 2020 against Republican Renier de la Portilla. Eileen represents county district 5, which encompasses Little Havana, parts of Miami Beach, Downtown, Brickell, The Roads, Silver Bluff, and Shenandoah.

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In the face of a pandemic, affordable housing will only become a more substantial issue. Eileen Higgins has this top of mind, constantly working to expand housing options for seniors, low-income families, and working people.

Here are some of the highlights from Eileen’s first two years in office related to housing:

  • Sponsored legislation to use CARES Act funds to provide $10 million in rent relief to low and moderate income residents during the pandemic
  • Spearheaded the River Parc Master Plan to create a community of 1,800 affordable and workforce housing units to Little Havana
  • Sponsored legislation to expedite the permitting process for new affordable and workforce housing developments
  • Passed a resolution to protect Affordable Housing Residents during the 2018-2019 government shutdown
  • Helped start the East Little Havana alliance to preserve the neighborhood and ensure housing remains affordable
  • Convened the “ Future of Downtown” summit to bring residents, workers, and businesses together and reimagine an affordable, sustainable future for downtown Miami

In addition to housing, supporting our local businesses and workers is of utmost concern, Eileen has delivered…

  • Created the $25 million Miami Dade RISE fund to provide relief to small businesses
  • Awarded Mom and Pop grants to 42 small businesses affected by the Flagler Street project 
  • Stood with airport workers to demand better wages and working conditions
  • Delivered over 20K food boxes and 10K masks to challenged families during the pandemic

We also need continued investment in sustainable solutions. Eileen Higgins partnered with the CLEO institute to develop a Greener Coral Way, a voluntary program recognizing restaurants that have removed Styrofoam, reduced single-use plastic, and addressed their food waste. She has oversaw projects for widening the beach to combat erosion, and continues to work with Miami Beach for climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies. We anticipate that 2020 will mark a major shift in the makeup of the county commission, and expect bolder climate action as we elect a Democrat Mayor. But we need to ensure that Eileen holds her seat.

We remain in a fight against COVID-19 and will have a long road ahead to rebuild our community. We need commissioners that will fight for us. Please remind your friends and neighbors to vote for Eileen Higgins.

Do I live in District 5?
Please find a map below of district 5 if you are not familiar with the district. You can look up your current commission district and commissioner here

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