Miami-Dade Democrats Endorse Luisa Santos for School Board, District 9

MIAMI-DADE, FL: The Miami-Dade Democratic Party has endorsed Luisa Santos for School Board in District 9. 

Ms. Santos moved to Miami from Bogota, Colombia when she was eight and thanks to Miami-Dade County Public Schools, was speaking fluent English by nine. During her junior year at Coral Reef Sr. High, Luisa discovered she was undocumented. She persisted — starting her higher education at Miami Dade College and eventually becoming a proud U.S. citizen. 

Luisa worked in President Obama’s U.S. Department of Education in Washington, DC while completing her studies in Political Economy and Education at Georgetown University. She knows teachers and school staff can change lives —  she saw it first hand teaching 4th graders and leading a mentoring and advocacy literacy program for historically underserved 3rd graders. Luisa eventually came home to Miami to launch her own business, Lulu’s Ice Cream, through which she has reimagined what students can learn in the workplace.

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Miami-Dade Democrats Condemn Racism and Antisemitism in El Nuevo Herald

MIAMI-DADE, FL: On September 11, 2020, El Nuevo Herald printed an insert called “Libre” filled with vile, racist and anti-semitic claims. Among the many disgusting comments included in this insert were comparisons of American Jews to Castro’s “New Men,” accusations that American Blacks had betrayed Martin Luther King, and much more. While the publisher has apologized for these statements, leaders from Miami-Dade Democratic Party believe that the publisher must do much more to repair its relationship with the community.

Miami-Dade Democratic Party First Vice Chair Maria Elena Lopez stated, “Not only did El Nuevo Herald fail to vet the content of this insert in its pages, but they also failed to alert readers to its status as a paid advertisement. The readers of El Nuevo Herald were subjected to several pages of pro-Trump, racist garbage denigrating African Americans and Jews. This is an embarrassment to our vibrant, Miami-Dade communities and to the pluralistic society that we wish to see in our country. We condemn the statements that appeared in the pages of El Nuevo Herald and we call on the publisher of the paper to end their relationship with Libre and print a full and complete retraction.”

Democratic Executive Committee Member Jane Moscowitz added, “It is our obligation to speak out and condemn racism and antisemitism when we see it. El Nuevo Herald has done considerable damage to our community and the publisher must do more than simply apologize on Twitter.”    


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Miami-Dade Dems Announce Major Ad Buy, Release Second TV Spot in County Mayor’s Race

En español

Miami-Dade, Fla. - Today, the Miami-Dade Dade Democratic Party released its second television ad in the County Mayor’s race titled “Vision.” The ad will be backed by a $250,000 Spanish & English broadcast and cable buy to share Daniella Levine Cava’s vision with Miami-Dade voters.

Miami-Dade Democratic Party Chair Steve Simeonidis shared, “In this defining moment in time, we need leaders like Daniella Levine Cava who will lead with vision and integrity. Daniella has led on critical issues her entire life and this election is a unique opportunity for Miami-Dade voters to elect a Mayor who will lead with science to get us through the pandemic and take on climate change with action. She will ensure access to healthcare is a right, especially as residents face the ongoing threats of a virus that is ravaging our neighborhoods. She’s running for Mayor because she wants to bring transparency, accountability, and progress to the Mayor’s office, and we will continue to invest resources so Miami-Dade residents hear directly from her.”

Miami-Dade Democratic Party First Vice Chair Maria Elena Lopez shared, “Miami-Dade voters are excited to elect Daniella Levine Cava because her vision for our County resonates with our community– her decades of experience, advocacy for every working family, and her willingness to bring people together, not divide us, sets her apart. We are proud to share her message  and help make history this November!”

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Corrupt Carlos: At it AGAIN

Another big contract for Corrupt Carlos’s cronies - Miami-Dade County bears the costs

MIAMI -– A shocking new report shows Corrupt Carlos gave a $368 million county contract that he has deep ties to.

“Hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars are going to Carlos’ friends and donors...again. This crooked deal confirms what we already knew: Carlos has been using his position for personal benefit at the detriment of the needs of his constituents,” said Steve Simeonidis, Chair of the Miami-Dade Democratic Party. “There is no place for this kind of self-serving exploitation in Congress or in Miami-Dade County.”

Highlights from the Miami New Times' explosive report:

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Miami-Dade Dems Release First Television Ad - “Lider”

En Español

Miami-Dade, Fla. - Today, the Miami-Dade Dade Democratic Party released its first television ad in the County Mayor’s race titled “Lider.” The ad will be backed by a $50,000 buy to share Daniella Levine Cava’s exceptional record and experience as a community leader with Miami-Dade County voters.

Miami-Dade Democratic Party Committeewoman and State Senator Annette Taddeo shared, “I’ve known Daniella Levine Cava for a long time and she works every single day to improve her community and to give back to others. Daniella Levine Cava has what it takes to lead Miami-Dade through one of its most difficult moments ever and transform our County for the next generation, and it’s important for voters to learn more about her vision, experience and commitment to results.”

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Miami-Dade Dems Release First Digital Ad in 2020 Mayoral Race: “Shady Steve Bovo”

Miami-Dade, Fla. - Today, the Miami-Dade Dade Democratic Party released its first digital ad in the County Mayor’s race titled, “Shady Steve Bovo”. The ad will be backed by an initial five-figure digital buy to share with voters of Miami-Dade County who Steve Bovo truly is and his dangerous record. 

Miami-Dade Democratic Party Chairman Steve Simeonidis chairman shared, “It’s time that Miami-Dade voters get to know Steve Bovo and his dangerous record. From denying residents paid sick leave in the middle of a pandemic to blocking rent relief for hard hit families, Steve Bovo is no friend of working families. As we face the most defining crisis of our lifetime, residents simply cannot afford Steve Bovo and his disastrous policies that leave so many behind. Double-talk Steve Bovo will find it nearly impossible to mask his embrace of Donald Trump’s divisiveness and policies that put Nicolas Maduro ahead of democracy leader Juan Guiado; we won’t let voters forget that.”

Miami-Dade Democratic Party First Vice Chair Maria-Elena Lopez shared, “It’s clear that Steve Bovo will try to rewrite history as he attempts to mask his blind allegiance to Donald Trump and hide his reckless votes that hurt Miami-Dade families. I am confident voters will see past his double-talk because in the primary, Steve Bovo was Donald Trump’s biggest champion and owes families that fled Venezuela an apology for accepting campaign funds tied to the $15-million Maduro-money used by a former Republican congressman to control local Republican politicians.”


Statement on the Passing of Jack Lieberman

Today we learned that COVID-19 has taken a pillar of our community, Jack Lieberman.

This loss is incalculable. Jack was a fierce advocate for progressive candidates and causes who reminded us all to live our values every day. He was a true fighter whose commitment to the cause of basic dignity and empathy for all people has been evident for decades.

We are deeply saddened by this loss, and our hearts go out to his family. We ask all of you to keep them in your thoughts and prayers. In this time of mounting loss, we must all remember to love each other, to remember that we are a community and to strengthen that community with the bonds of shared hardship, solidarity, and empathy—just like Jack always told us.