UNOFFICIAL DNC Delegate results

Congratulations to the dedicated Democrats who ran as delegates for the 2024 DNC Biden delegation, earning the opportunity to represent our values at the convention in Chicago. 

We extend our gratitude to the tireless volunteers and enthusiastic voters whose support and dedication made this democratic process possible. Thank you for your invaluable contributions to our party.

Below are the UNOFFICIAL results pending the Florida Democratic Party's review and the counting of provisional ballots.

Congressional District 27 Candidate


Marie "Cecilia" Tavera 190
Maria "Millie" Herrera 168
Kristin Browde 135
Jacqueline "Jackie" Kellogg 136
Monique Selman 67
Melissa Taveras 57
Margo Evans 56
Vanessa Brito 44
Maruxa Cardenas 15
Matthew Bornstein 14
Juan Cuba 200
Chester Fair, Jr. 119
Gregory Frankel 28
Morgan Gianola 7
Diego Lazcano 21
Raul Martinez, Jr. 153
William "Liam" May IV 23
John Tilson 12
Jeffrey "Jeff" 'Weiner 23
Congressional District 24 Candidates UNOFFICIAL Count
Edith Owens 144
Linda Joseph 141
Elizabeth Judd 131
Pitchie Escarment 44
Gurilebe Gustave 19
Stefanie Epstein 6
Giovanni Salucci 5
Barbara Bisno 1
William Aristide 148
Bernard Jennings 142
Joe Geller 129
Jonel Escarment 17
Matthew Tisdol 16
Ricky Junquera 9
Jason Gillis 7
Prakash Kumar 7
Deam Merisier Kr. 7
Michael Thompson 7
Louis Alvarez 1
Ivan Walker 1
Congressional District 26 Candidates UNOFFICIAL Count
Macarena Iglesias 39
Jackie Gil- Abarzua 33
Maribel Balbin 22
Victor Vazquez 41
Terry Murphy 37
Adrian Jimenez 24
Adam Molny 16
Congressional District 28 Candidates UNOFFICIAL Count
Crystal Etienne 31
Holly Hummel-Gorman 69
Marie Flore Lindor Latortue 44
Carisa Perez-Fuentes 0
Georgina Ruiz 11
Angela Weathers 58
Manuel "Manny" Fernandez 76
Manuel "Manny" Gutierrez 77
Marcos Reyes 71

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