Update on April 6th in person meeting on District Maps

The Miami-Dade Democratic Executive Committee will be meeting on Saturday, April 6th at 10:00 am in person to approve new DEC redistricting maps that have been created to the specifications of our bylaws. These requirements are in place to ensure every Democrat, in every part of our county, has representation in our body. 

April 6th Meeting Location, meeting starting at 10:00 am:
AFSME Local 199 
4349 NW 36th Street 
Miami Springs, FL 33166

The precincts allocated to each DEC district can be found here. The Supervisor of Elections will soon be providing us with a draft map for those of us who are more visual. We are also providing the language in our bylaws that we are required to comply with, just hit "read more".

The redistricting ad hoc committee has been working tirelessly to make sure the district maps were balanced and adhered to our bylaws. The initial draft submitted to the Supervisor of Elections (SOE) did not meet the requirements set per our bylaws in Article IV, Section 8. The committee worked closely with the Florida Democratic Party’s attorney and Party Affairs to confirm the interpretation of the bylaws. A new draft was submitted to the Supervisor of Elections on March 27th. It is so important that the maps are then shared with the entirety of the Democratic Executive Committee (DEC) for review and approval before submitting to the SOE.

Article IV, Section 8 of the Miami Dade DEC Bylaws:

The committee shall include the State Committeeman, the State Committeewoman, and the Chair of the Rules and Bylaws Committee. Such districts shall be created in accordance with the following requirements:

  1. The number of registered voters in any election district shall not vary by more than ten percent (10%) of the average number of registered voters in all election districts.

  2. No precinct shall be divided in the formation of districts.

  3. A district shall be composed of contiguous precincts.

  4. The election district shall have as equal a number of precincts as possible.

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