2019 Florida Legislative Tracker - Be prepared to make your voice heard

Greetings Democrats. My name is Javi Estevez, and currently serve as Legislative Liaison for the Miami-Dade Democratic Party

The 2019 Florida Legislative Session is here.  I have created a Legislative Tracker to highlight bills that we should keep an eye on. I have made it with a focus on our local Representatives and Senators to make sure that we give them the support that they need. Also, I have added what we will call “bad bills” that are highlighted in red and we need to fight against. 

You can view the tracker here

Open petitions:

Please stay tuned for other petitions and calls to action to let our voices be heard. 

I will be updating the tracker at minimum two days a week and will be posting updates as we go along. Thank you to the Miami-Dade Democratic Environmental Caucus for creating their own tracker which I added to page two of the google doc.

Unfortunately with the make up of the Florida Legislature, we will be pushing back against legislation much more than supporting, but we still have some great bills that will have some movement. Today let’s take a moment and wish ALL of our legislators luck and ask that they focus on what’s important and that they work towards fixing the issues that affect all of us in Florida.

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