Miami Dade DEC Leaders Send Letter to Tom Perez Criticizing Endorsement and Reaffirming Commitment to Impartiality


June 8, 2018

Hon. Tom Perez
Democratic National Committee
430 South Capitol St SE #3
Washington, DC 20003


Dear Chair Perez,


We, the undersigned leaders of the Miami-Dade Democratic Party, are disappointed in your recent endorsement of Andrew Cuomo in a high profile competitive primary contest. We request that you avoid any attempt to influence primary contests in Florida and would welcome a public statement to that effect. We believe impartiality is a fundamental Democratic value and is necessary to maintain our membership and rebuild the trust and allegiance of the many potential Democrats who currently sit on the sidelines.

We also want to emphasize our local Party's commitment to conduct our Party primary elections in a scrupulously impartial way, as expressed in the DNC Bylaws and made more extensive in the additions suggested by the Unity Reform Commission. The Miami Dade Democratic Party believes that voters alone should decide who the Party's nominee should be.



Multiple signatures of DEC members were given in support of this letter at our June 12 meeting.  The letter with signatures are being sent to the DNC.


June 19 election in Miami / Miami Beach. Eileen Higgins wants to be your voice on the County Commission

UPDATED: Election Day is Tuesday, June 19

Use Voter Circle to find your friends in District 5 and remind them about the election

From city councils to mayoral offices, Republicans have effectively kept progressive voices suppressed in South Florida local government. The consequences have been dire: investments in public transportation have not kept pace with our growing population, funding for affordable housing has been minimal, and environmental protection has taken a back seat to development. However, we now have a chance to bring bold, progressive leadership to the Miami-Dade County Board of County Commissioners, by electing Eileen Higgins in District 5.


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Say no to extending 836 past the Urban Development Boundary

The Kendall Parkway is a proposed north-south expressway west of 167th Avenue from the Tamiami Trail to SW 136th Street which connects to SR 836 at 137th Avenue and NW 12th Street. The project requires expansion of our current urban development boundary. There are multiple issues, including impacts on drinking water, increased flood risk, more urban sprawl. County commissioners need to hear your thoughts now in advance of the April 25th public hearing. 

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April Meeting Notes from our DEC Meeting

Draft minutes for April General DEC Meeting. This meeting occurs every two months.

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