Florida Bar Opens Investigation Following Miami-Dade Democratic Party Complaint Against Rep. Matt Gaetz

Florida Bar officials state "A file has been opened."

Miami, FL: Responding to an official complaint against U.S. Representative Matt Gaetz from the Miami-Dade Democratic Party, the Florida Bar stated that it is "aware of the issue you reported and is taking appropriate measures. A file has been opened."

The response stems from a complaint filed by Miami-Dade Democratic Party Chair Steve Simeonidis accusing Rep. Gaetz, a (future former) Florida lawyer, of improper, unethical and unprofessional behavior. The complaint specifically references when Gaetz broke into a secure, compartmented information facility during the House of Representatives' impeachment hearings.

"I am pleased to see that the Florida Bar is taking this matter seriously and that a file has been opened into Gaetz's unprofessional, unethical and improper behavior. Gaetz’s actions are a danger to national security and an embarrassment to Floridians and we hope this investigation will have a swift and just conclusion."


Miami-Dade Democratic Party Denounces Castro Regime in Strongest Possible Terms

Miami, FL: Miami, FL: Today, Steve Simeonidis, chair of the Miami-Dade Democratic Party issued the following statement: “The Miami-Dade Democratic Party denounces the Castro regime in the strongest possible terms.”

Lee este comunicado de prensa en español.

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Miami-Dade Democrats Register Hundreds of Voters in Run-Up to the Presidential Primary

February 20, 2020 Newsletter

With less than one month to go until Florida votes in our Democratic Presidential Preference Primary, the Miami-Dade Democrats continued our extensive Voter Registration efforts this past weekend. Florida has closed primaries, and so we encouraged as many voters as possible to register with the Florida Democratic Party by February 18 so they can have a voice in Florida’s March 17 Presidential Preference Primary. Our trained Voter Registration volunteers helped hundreds of people register to vote or switch their party affiliation to the Democratic Party.

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More Than 34,000 Miami-Dade Voters Have Switched to the Democratic Party Since 2016

The Wave of Party Switches Indicates Voters Are Fed Up With Republican Policies

Miami, FL: Today, the Miami-Dade Democratic Party released data indicating that since the 2016 election, more than 34,000 voters in Miami-Dade County have switched their party affiliation to the Democratic Party. Some 26,446 voters switched from "No Party Affiliation" to Democrat, while 8,078 have switched from Republican Party to Democrat.

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How to be a Delegate to the Democratic National Convention

Do you want to be a delegate to the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee? The National Convention will be held July 13-16.

Start Online Delegate Filing Form

or download printable District-Level Delegate Filing Form

For more information on Florida's Delegate Selection Plan, and for more resources for those interested in running as a National Convention Delegate, please visit the Florida Democratic Party's convention info page here.