The Miami-Dade Democratic Party is building a lasting progressive political infrastructure in Miami-Dade by recruiting and electing progressive candidates to local and state office; organizing volunteers; and engaging community leaders.

We are looking for talented individuals with prior campaign experience who are hungry to make a meaningful and lasting impact. All applicants should work well in teams as well as independently, have good people and communication skills, able to take initiative, and comfortable working nontraditional hours including some evening nights and weekends.

Please submit your resume and cover letter to by Wednesday, January 25.
(update: application deadline extended until Friday, January 27)

Executive Director

You are self-driven, comfortable building relationships with community and political leaders; speaking to large groups; developing new programs and initiatives; and holding yourself and others accountable. You have held leadership roles on local, state, or federal campaigns. You have fundraising experience and managed a large budget.

Your responsibilities will include (among others):

  • Supervising staff and coordinating with DEC leaders to achieve our organizational, electoral, and programmatic goals;
  • Working with DEC leaders to build a robust candidate recruitment and training program;
  • Building a coalition of progressive organizations so we can better coordinate on local/state issues, elections, and volunteer activities. 

You're job isn't to do everything. It's to empower your staff, the steering committee, and the membership to take on leadership roles; and hold them accountable to achieving our collective goals together. You keep the trains running on time and push the organization to be better.

Salary: $48,000 - $60,000 commensurate with experience.

Finance Director 

You are comfortable asking small and large donors to contribute their hard-earned dollars to a great cause; building relationships with key stakeholders; managing a donor database; building a small-dollar fundraising program and conducting online research to expand our donor pipeline.

Your responsibilities will include (among others):

  • Working with the DEC Chair and Finance Committee to meet fundraising goals;
  • Building relationships with donors and identifying new donors;
  • Planning and executing fundraising events, ranging from low-dollar events to our annual Blue Gala;
  • Finance compliance rules and reporting;
  • Developing low- and mid-dollar and recurring giving programs.

Your main goal is to meet our quarterly and annual fundraising goals, and build a long-term sustainable finance plan.

Salary: $42,000 - $48,000 commensurate with experience

Organizing Director

You are good with people, very patient, and have a high tolerance for questions. You are a good teacher, a hard worker, and can shift priorities on a dime.

Your responsibilities will include (among others): 

  • Empowering our membership to take leadership roles;
  • Activating and supporting our Democratic clubs and caucuses;
  • Conducting skill-based trainings on voter registration, data, and voter contact best practices;
  • Voter registration compliance and distribution;
  • Conducting voter outreach programs to support key campaigns;
  • Planning a long-term organizing strategy for the party. 

Your main goals are to activate and empower our membership, build a training program for our membership, and meeting programmatic goals on voter registration and voter contact.

Salary: $42,000 - $48,000 commensurate with experience