Join the DEC as an Elected Member (aka Precinct Captain)

The Democratic Executive Committee (DEC) is the governing body of the Democratic Party in Miami-Dade County. The voting members of the DEC are primarily the Elected Members: committeemen and committeewomen from each precinct.  Elected Members are also known as Precinct Captains.

Per our bylaws, the responsibilities of the Elected members of the DEC are as follows:
Elected members of the County Executive Committee shall participate in the activities sponsored by the Committee to further campaign support, such as voter registration, active campaigning, volunteer staffing of campaign headquarters, and other special projects as suggested by the Committee. It shall be the responsibility of each member of the Committee to devote 52 hours per year to these activities.  Elected members must attend DEC General Meetings of which there are roughly a half-dozen per year.

Each Elected County Executive Committee member shall be required to raise funds for the County Executive Committee each year. The Elected shall raise or contribute $50.00 per year. Contributions made here.

 Elected Members shall be qualified electors and shall retain residency and the right to vote within the precinct from which they are elected. They are eligible to vote on all DEC matters, eligible for election of DEC offices, and they are required to attend all DEC general meetings. Democrats can apply to fill vacancies of precincts where there are no current elected members.  Vacancies can be identified by looking at the "Membership" link under the "Our Party" pull down menu and then clicking the "found here" hot button.  Your precinct number is on your voter registration card.  Applications must be approved by the Credentials Committee and approved by a majority of the DEC membership present and voting. They will serve the unexpired term of the office which ends in December 2017.  Email with any questions.

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