How can a Republican still win in 2018?

Corporate donations, NRA funding, xenophobic rhetoric, all feed into Republicans driving their base to vote. But there is one key thing we can take away from Republicans. The vote by mail advantage.

29% of registered Republicans have voted by mail in Miami-Dade since 2016 in at least one election. At the same time, 24% of registered Democrats did so. Heading into election day, Republicans have a likelihood to lead an election because of the sheer number of voters who conveniently vote from home. And with less than 13% voter turnout in the last special election, every vote by mail becomes extra important.

On June 19th, we have a key election where Eileen Higgins is running for District 5 commissioner vs. Zoraida Barreiro, whose husband held the seat for 20 years. Voters there can still sign up to vote by mail this week. 

And regardless of where you live, take the time THIS MONTH to signup to vote by mail. You can still choose to vote in person should you prefer, but at least you can be ensured that any election ballot will arrive at your home.

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