The proxy process

If you cannot attend a meeting, you can find a proxy. Your proxy MUST be a registered Democrat and it CANNOT be a current member of the Democratic Executive Committee (DEC). For Elected DEC members (most of you), your proxy must also reside in the DEC District that you represent.

The proxy form provided by the FDP can be found here (other forms are also accepted, as long as they have the required fields). You must complete this form and sign it, and either have it notarized or witnessed by two registered Democrats. While we highly encourage you to complete and submit your proxy form the day before the meeting is scheduled, we accept proxies until the meeting is called to order. Your proxy should be emailed to [email protected] and [email protected].

  • Florida now allows for documents to be notarized electronically by e-notaries.
  • Similarly, the FDP allows for proxies to be witnessed electronically too. You can use DocuSign or a similar web software to complete your proxy form.

If you are not familiar with the DEC District that you represent, you can find the list of precincts in your district here. You can also reference the 2020 DEC District map here for your convenience. 

The language in our bylaws regarding proxies can be found by clicking "Read More". If you have any questions, please reach out to Laura Wagner at [email protected].

Article IV, Section 5.         Proxies.  Any  member  who,  for any  reason,  is unable to  attend any  meeting  of the  County Executive Committee may execute a written proxy. Such proxy shall be sworn to before a notary public, or, in the alternative, may be validated by two (2) registered Democrats signing as witnesses. Any proxy which is incomplete in any way shall be returned to the member issuing the proxy. The member sending the incomplete proxy shall be notified immediately by phone or facsimile transmission that the proxy is incomplete. The holder of such proxy shall be a qualified Democrat not a member of the committee before which said proxy is to be presented. No person shall be permitted to hold more than one (1) proxy.

5.1        County Executive Committee Members: An elected member of the County Executive Committee shall designate a Democrat residing in the same DEC election district as said elected member. An automatic or appointed member of the County Executive Committee shall designate a Democrat residing in Miami-Dade County. For a proxy to be honored by the County Executive Committee, the holder shall submit notice to the County Executive Committee Chair prior to the meeting.

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