Tell Mayor Gimenez: Don't gut our public libraries


This week, the Miami-Dade Democratic Party steering committee unanimously passed a resolution urging Mayor Gimenez and our county commissioners to fully fund our public libraries by restoring the original proposed funding that would maintain services and operating hours.

The Mayor's new plan would lay off more than a third of all library staff and a fourth of operating hours — a move that would cripple the library system countywide.

RSVP here to attend the upcoming county commissioner meeting Tuesday, September 10th at 5 pm to express your support for Miami's public libraries.

For every dollar we invest in Florida public libraries, they provide $8 in value to Floridians. And the benefits libraries provide to education outside the classroom at all levels, and as a community resource and gathering space, are immeasurable. 

This is about priorities. 

Please join the commission meeting on Tuesday. And if you can't attend, call and email Mayor Gimenez and the commissioners who voted against fully funding our libraries (contact information is below). You can also join the fight on Facebook and Twitter by liking the Save Miami-Dade Public Libraries page and tweeting @MayorGimenez.

Call and email the Mayor & County Commissioners: 

Mayor Carlos Gimenez, 305.375.5071, [email protected]
District 5: Bruno A. Barreiro, 305.375.5924, [email protected]
District 6: Rebeca Sosa, 305.375.5696, [email protected]
District 7: Xavier L. Suarez, 305.669.4003, [email protected]
District 8: Lynda Bell, 305.375.5218, [email protected]
District 10: Javier D. Souto, 305.375.4835, [email protected]
District 11: Juan C. Zapata, 305.375.5511, [email protected]
District 12: José "Pepe" Diaz, 305.375.5218, [email protected]
District 13: Esteban Bovo, Jr., 305.375.4831, [email protected]


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