Executive Director — Christopher Richmond

Christopher previously served as Digital & Development Director for the Miami-Dade Democratic Party. Before that, he served as the Communications Chair of the Miami Beach Democratic Club. Richmond worked for several Democratic candidates in Miami-Dade County, crafting a digital presence and a digital fundraising strategy for them.

Richmond has worked as a field organizer for multiple presidential campaigns before pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in Film & Electronic Media. He worked in the museum education industry as a media producer, digital storyteller and technologist before returning to politics.

He has produced educational films and interactive media that tell United States history for museums and cultural institutions around North America. His work has appeared in the Smithsonian National Museum of American History, the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum, the Library of Congress, the Birthplace of Country Music Museum, the National Museum of the Marine Corps, and others.


Field Director — Ariel Sepulveda

Ariel is an experienced community organizer and student power network program manager.

An organizing director for several Florida campaigns, Sepulveda grew up in Homestead, Florida before receiving a bachelor of liberal arts degree from the University of Texas at San Antonio. Returning to South Florida, she worked as the Organizing Director for Engage Miami where she coordinated voter registration and get out the vote efforts at college campuses and universities throughout Miami for several national, state and local elections.

She then went on to work for several national voter turnout nonprofits with the Movement Voter Project, Vote Mob, and the Florida Student Power Network, where she managed and supported civic engagement and voter turnout plans for several partners across 32 different states, including Florida.