Senator Anitere Flores, the Senator now most-associated with the dangerous conditions at the Turkey Point Power Plant once described the relationship between the legislature and state utilities regulators as a "love fest". As citizen concerns over hyper-salinated water mount, Flores' current actions are being called into question as too little too late

"Perhaps the love fest should have ended a long time ago," said Artie Leichner, Senior Policy Advisor to the Miami-Dade Democratic Party.  "We are being told that Floridians have to pay $50 million to fix this dangerous mess and Flores needs to be held accountable for her cuddling with regulators and FPL. We want her to release her records and to make public her communications with FPL executives, lobbyists and staff."


As the saltwater plume and other pollutants are being found in the area surrounding Turkey Point and the safety of our water supply is called into question, residents of Miami-Dade demand answers. We demand to know how we arrived in this situation, who knew it was happening, and why was it kept secret.


Here’s what we do know: Problems at the nuclear facility have finally reached critical mass. Lax regulation, brought on by legislators willing to give a pass to their campaign donors, enabled FPL to take advantage of the fact no one was watching, or as Senator Flores put it, “love fest.”


Now, Florida residents are being told they will be forced to foot the bill for what is currently a $50-million-dollar cleanup – we share the community-wide concern that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Based on Senator Flores continued support from FPL, their love hasn’t flamed out.


The Miami-Dade Democratic Party is calling on FPL to pay for its own lack of vigilance in monitoring problems with Turkey Point. They have damaged their customers and our community for years to come. FPL caused this mess and they should pay to clean it up. Senator Flores and others who failed to regulate and monitor this giant utility, should accept responsibility for their inaction. 

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