Robert Dempster for Outreach Vice Chair

Robert Dempster is running for the position of Outreach Vice Chair of the Democratic Executive Committee at the December 7 Organizational Meeting.


I am a first generation immigrant, born in Kingston, Jamaica. My family migrated to North Miami Beach in 1992 (a couple of months before Hurricane Andrew) and, with the exception of the time that I spent in Deland, Florida earning a Bachelors of Arts in Economics, I have lived North Miami Beach ever since. I ran for Mayor of North Miami Beach in 2018 and currently sit on the city's Public Utilities Commission.

I was a proud union steward for Communications Workers of America, Local 3122 while I worked at AT&T and remain a staunch supporter of organized labor. I am the outgoing Secretary of the Miami-Dade Democratic Party. I am also the Party's Campaign Chair, which means that Campaign Vice Chair Javier Estevez and I ran the Party's municipal campaign coordination program, a program in which 8 of our 10 endorsed candidates on the municipal level won their races.

Why Are You Running for Outreach Vice Chair?

I am running because I want to change the way the Miami Dade Democratic Party approaches community outreach. As it stands we see community outreach as donating to and cosponsoring pre-existing events, and while it is great to support the events of different organizations in our community, to take OUR organization to the next level we must do more.

My vision for our community outreach is to create our own events and actions across different geographic areas and demographic groups. These events will be on a quarterly basis and must be of value to these communities. If we expect these communities to show up for us come Election Day, we must show up for them year round. That is the only way we'll get the buy-in and engagement we'll need when it comes time to take down Rubio and Desantis in 2022!

I know that with the support of our clubs and caucuses, we can do it together.

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