Postcard Pack

These postcard packets contain everything you need for a postcard party:

  • 25 postcards
  • 25 postcard stamps
  • a list of 25 voters
  • a script to write

Your $10 donation covers the cost of these supplies.

Thank you! 

Who's donating

Johnnie McDonald
Teresa Gavalda
Christopher Hoffman
Rob Piper
Tracy Devine Guzman
Roxane Pickens
Karen Ansell
Sarah Emmons
naomi attaway
Natanya Blanck
Maria J Wright
Alicia Manning
Frank Corbishley
Phyllis Lehman
Joel Krieger
michael butterman
Lynn Wheeler
Agustin Bel
Suzanne Spiliotis
Janet Silverman
Phyllis Katz
Elizabeth Brito
Bianca Lederer
Mayda Sablon
susan fletcher
Christianne Arroyo
Susanne Haase
Marianne Pantin
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