Nikola Patterson Molina for Secretary

Nikola Patterson Molina is running for the position of Secretary of the Democratic Executive Committee at the December 7 Organizational Meeting.


Hello fellow Democrats! My name is Nikola Patterson Molina and I am running to be your next Secretary.

I grew up in Miami-Dade and have lived here my whole life, apart from 4 years when obtaining my Bachelor of Science in Finance from the University of Florida. I am a wife and a PTA mom of 6-year-old twin girls who attend public school here in Miami-Dade. I am also a lifelong loyal Democrat.

I first became a member of the DEC in December 2016. Throughout these four years, I have gotten to know and learn from many of you. My involvement has included canvassing, organizing volunteers for voter registration and vote by mail initiatives, volunteering at voting sites, making calls to voters and more. During the 2020 election, I wrote and distributed postcards, called voters, organized volunteers, and spoke to voters at voting sites to earn votes for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, along with down-ballot Democrats. As an at-large board member of the Progressive Caucus for the past two years, I have also collaborated with many of our local activists to bring awareness to local issues, participated in demonstrations, and helped get local Democrats elected through volunteer efforts.

Professionally, I work as a recruiter, leading a team for finance and accounting direct hire staffing. My job consists of building relationships across different companies, taking notes to understanding their hiring needs, interviewing job seekers to understand their skills and expectations, and matching job seekers with jobs. I have worked for the same company for 15 years and have proven to be organized, efficient and effective in my job.

I am a hard worker, hands-on and active volunteer, and passionate about our local Party and am looking forward to the opportunity to become your next Secretary.

Why Are You Running for Secretary?

I am running for Secretary of the DEC because I have much more to offer and know I can make a bigger impact as Secretary.

First of all, I have the skills to get the job of Secretary done efficiently and effectively. As a professional recruiter, I must be very organized. My job consists of keeping track of hundreds of candidate and client files, and keeping information organized in such a way that I can easily identify matches of candidates to specific jobs based on their skills sets. This includes taking detailed notes on the spot during candidate interviews in a way that can be revisited and referenced later.

Secondly, as secretary, I would be part of leadership. As a Black Woman, and daughter of both a Black American and Black Immigrant, I can be a voice that is unfortunately, missing in current leadership.

Finally, as part of leadership, I will offer and support strong ideas within the party including year-round issue-based community canvassing, volunteer-led grassroots fundraising efforts, and increased volunteer and organizer recruitment and training. I will put in the hands-on work that is needed to support our party and remain accessible to all DEC members to ensure every voice is heard and represented.

I humbly ask for your vote for Secretary and commit to you that I will give my all to help us build a stronger DEC and bring more wins to the Miami-Dade Democratic Party.

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