Time for a higher minimum wage in Florida

Senator_Bullard_-_Minimum_Wage_Press_Conference.jpgThis week, Senator Dwight Bullard and Representative Cynthia Stafford took a critical step on behalf of Florida's working families by introducing legislation that would increase the state minimum wage.

The Miami-Dade Democratic Party commends and stands with Senator Bullard and Representative Stafford in their call for a higher minimum wage.

"Rick Scott and his Republican colleagues in Washington claim to be 'pro-job' and 'pro-economy'," said Miami-Dade Democratic Party chair Annette Taddeo-Goldstein. "Yet at every opportunity and every level, their policies make life more difficult, not less, for millions of hardworking families in this country, especially the people struggling the most and working the hardest to get by."

"Miami-Dade is one of the areas in Florida hit the hardest by the recession and has some of the highest income inequality anywhere in the country," she said. "We commend and stand with Miami legislators Bullard and Stafford for pushing forward this vital issue and fighting to ensure a decent living wage for every family in Florida."

The proposed legislation would raise the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour, including wage for those who work as tipped employees. Currently, Florida’s minimum wage for tipped workers is just $4.91, making this some of the most financially unstable work in the country. Nationwide, servers use food stamps at double the rate of the rest of the U.S. workforce and are three-times as likely to live in poverty.

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