Miami-Dade Democratic Party Launches Haitian American Radio Outreach

Miami, FL: Today the Miami-Dade Democratic Party launches its Haitian American Radio campaign. A combination of 320 interviews and commercials will air across 4 Haitian American radio stations beginning on Friday, September 25 and running until Election Day. The campaign will be voiced by North Miami Vice Mayor Alix Desulme and Haitian American radio personality Herntz Phanord, and will air on WQVN 1360 AM Radyo Pep La, WLQY 1320 AM Radio Tout Mou’n Jwen, WSRF 1580 Radio Haiti Amerique International, and WJCC 1700 AM Radio Mega.

“This campaign represents the Miami-Dade Democratic Party’s respect for and commitment to investment in the Haitian American community and our recognition that the Haitian American community holds a foundational place in the fabric of this county,” explains Miami-Dade Democratic Party Secretary and Campaign Chair Robert Dempster.

The campaign will focus on ways to vote safely during the 2020 General election, including how to request a vote-by-mail ballot, the importance of signing the back of the envelope, turning it in on time, and explaining about the secure drop boxes available outside all 33 Early Voting locations in Miami-Dade County.

Samples of the Haitian Creole radio spots can be heard below:

Voter Registration spot:

Vote By Mail spot:

Early Voting Spot:

Election Day Spot:

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