Key information regarding restoration of voter rights in Florida from State Senator Jason Pizzo

Effective Tuesday Jan 8, 2019, over 1 million Florida residents will have their voting rights restored and can register to vote. Register online to vote in Florida

Amendment 4 Update from State Senator Jason Pizzo... On the morning of Monday, Jan 7, several legislators joined me via phone call with the Clerk of Courts Harvey Ruvin, Supervisor of Elections Christina White, David Maer from the State Attorney’s Office and Public Defender Carlos Martinez. We’ll be regrouping for another meeting to work through other attendant issues, but here’s what we clarified, so far:

  1. The Supervisor of Elections will be accepting registrations beginning on the effective date, Tuesday, Jan 8, 2019.
  2. Those with prior convictions must have completed their “sentence” in order to qualify as “restored”. (There is some disagreement on what is included in a “sentence”, such as court costs, restitution, fines, etc., which we’ll be working to clarify).
  3. The State Attorney’s Office will not be prosecuting anyone who mistakenly checks off the “restored” box. 
  4. The Supervisor confirmed that applications are sent to the State Division of Elections, where she believes voter registration cards will be sent out. 
  5. The burden will be on the State to research and verify if there is any part of the sentence which has not been completed, but this process will not hold up the ability for a registrant to vote.

We are all pleased with the reception from each Miami-Dade office, but do have concerns for other counties/regions. Know that your local state legislators are keeping this issue at the forefront, and will be fighting for implementing the will of the electorate.

Feel free to reach out to my office, or your State Rep/Senator, with any questions.

My office number is 850.487.5038, email is [email protected]

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