Make a quick video and join the #VoteItForward Campaign for Andrew Gillum and Bill Nelson

Record yourself saying you voted for Mayor Gillum, Senator Nelson, and Democrats down the ballot and why. Then challenge 5 other folks to vote! Making this challenge go viral is in your hands. Below are instructions and info on where to send your video.


Film the video horizontally on your phone -- never in vertical

Send it directly to

Ali Kurnaz at and Erin Key at

or text it to 407.923.7424

or tweet @FlaDems and @AndrewGillum using #VoteItForward.




I’m voting for Mayor Gillum, Senator Nelson, and Democrats down the ballot because:

[LIST 1 REASON -- example “I believe teachers should be paid what they are worth”]

I’m Voting It Forward so that we can finally have a state that works for all of us again! I challenge [PERSON 1], [PERSON 2], [PERSON 3], [PERSON 4], and [PERSON 5] to tag 5 other people to get to the polls, and go vote it forward.


We look forward to seeing your video! Let you voice be heard



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