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The Miami-Dade Cuban-American Democratic Club has served for the past 10+ years as a forum for Democrats born in Cuba or of Cuban heritage to engage with local politicians and discuss important issues that are relevant to the community. With monthly meetings and presence on social media, the Club's goal is to educate Cuban-American voters while providing Democrats in the county with perspective from Cuban-American Democrats.

As you may know, Miami-Dade currently has several prominent Cuban-American Democrats serving in Tallahassee, such as Jose Javier Rodriguez and Javier Fernandez. We look to encourage other Cuban-Americans to get involved at all levels of government.

The Miami-Dade Cuban-American Democratic Club will hold board elections this month via email. If you would like to nominate anyone or volunteer to serve on the board in any of these positions please email Lidia Moore: [email protected] for inclusion on the ballot.  

All board positions are voted on every other year and will be up for election at the end of July. Note that the elected club President will also represent on the Democratic Executive Committee of Miami-Dade.

If you are not ready to run for a board position yet, we encourage you to still write to Lidia Moore: [email protected] so that you can be added to the Club's newsletter. Please also follow the Facebook page for the Miami-Dade Cuban-American Democrats.

Current Board Members

  • President – Lidia Calderin Moore
  • Vice President – Agustin Bel
  • Treasurer – Position currently not filled
  • Secretary – Steven Portal


Sign up for email updates, and join us at county and local club meetings to learn how to get more involved.