Gates Foundation failures show philanthropists shouldn’t be setting America's public school agenda

Why is Bill Gates unsuccessful as an educational reformers?  From my perspective it is all about his self perception that he is the smartest person in the room. He has to be right about education because he is Microsoft, the creator of the computer world.
Computers are amazingly efficient, so his ideas have to be.
But let's look at Microsoft reality vs. humans. They walk into our classrooms and no two are alike. They have different life situations. Some come from abusers, others use mood enhancing substances and they all have different knowledge bases and intellectual propensity.
Microsoft software goes into various machines, each equivalent to its siblings, with the label telling you how much it's brain can store, how much processing power and randomly accessible memory it has. Imagine if our students came with that label and so much homogeneity.
Yet Microsoft is famous for patches, updates, more patches, newer versions that can simply replace the original.

Imagine if you could do it with kids. That's why none of these stupid teaching models work.

Imagine him in an inner city classroom for a year.

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