Flores' opponent accuses her of lying about environmental record

TALLAHASSEE — Andrew Korge, the Democratic challenger to state Sen. Anitere Flores of Miami, on Wednesday accused Flores of lying about her environmental record in response to a POLITICO Florida story.


"Flores can't be trusted," Democratic challenger Andrew Korge said in an emailed news release. "She is lying about her record and South Florida is tired of these two-faced politicians.”


Flores responded Wednesday by saying of her opponent, "This is not a playground game. This is someone with no record of public service, so what he is doing is pandering to the special interests funding his campaign."


The back-and-forth between the two candidates began on Tuesday, when Florida Strong, a 501(c)4 group that does not have to disclose its donors, issued a statement calling Flores "bought and paid for" by "big oil" because she hadn't taken a stand against Big Cypress drilling.


In response to that statement, Flores said through her political committee that she is against drilling in Big Cypress and that she has "consistently been in favor of protecting Florida’s preserves, ecosystem and natural resources."


Florida Strong has overwhelmingly targeted Republican lawmakers and the policies they support. Korge joined the group in denouncing Flores' for her 2009 vote in the state House on a bill that would have allowed drilling in Florida's nearshore waters. He also criticized her votes on issues involving the sugar industry and the Everglades and oil and gas fracking.


Asked to describe her own environmental voting record Wednesday, Flores said, "The record stands for itself. We can go back and forth. This is about going forward — what are you going to do for the constituents of your district?"


The candidates are running in a redrawn district that includes Big Cypress and the Florida Keys.

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