Early Vote Team Signup Page

Join an early voting site team to coordinate with volunteers from your neighborhood. Practicing safety guidelines, we will be staffing early voting sites every day to encourage voters to vote Democrat as they walk in to cast their ballot. This is a HUGE undertaking and we're going to need all the help we can get!

 Sites below are listed in order of need.

Miami Lakes Community Center Miami Lakes Link

South Dade Regional Library Cutler Bay http://bit.ly/south-dade-library-ev

Westchester Regional Library  http://bit.ly/westchester-ev

John F Kennedy Library JFK Signup Link

West Kendall Branch Library West Kendall Signup Link

Naranja Branch Library http://bit.ly/naranja-ev

North Shore Branch Library http://bit.ly/north-shore-library-ev

Aventura Branch Library  Aventura Signup Link

Historic Garage http://bit.ly/historic-garage-ev

Shenandoah Branch Library http://bit.ly/shenandoah-ev

West Kendall Branch Library West Kendall Signup Link

City of North Miami Public Library http://bit.ly/city-of-north-miami-ev

Miami Beach City Hall http://bit.ly/miami-beach-city-hall-ev