Dr. Mae Christian for State Committeewoman

Dr. Mae Christian is running for the position of State Committeewoman at the DEC Organizational Meeting on December 7, 2020.


I am Dr. Mae Christian and I have been in the Miami DEC assisting in the integration of Community African American Community particpation since 1974 with the late Representive Gwen Cherry, Eufala Frazier, Jackie Bell, Ellen Johnson, Dr. Ben Cowins and many others. I have seen members go and come. I have attended many National Democratic Conventions including especially being a National Convention Delegate for the first Black President the Honorable Obama and was the whip on the floor in both 2008 and 2012 when ran and won! I marched in the Civil Rights movement even in Selma, Ala. and received a 50 year anniversary a. Civil Right's Foot Soldier medal and in February 2016 received the Congressional Gold Medal along with Congressman John Lewis and other surviving Foot Soldiers in Washington, DC. I have served the Democratic part in various capacities in various campaigns and elctions as field Organizer and as a member of the DEC Executive Board as the Chair of Miami Dade Black Caucus. I am currently elected as District Committeewoman and wish to run as State Committewoman. Thank You.

Why Are You Running for the Position of State Committeewoman?

The Miami Dade Democratic Party needs someone as State Committeewoman that has hands on the responsibilities to represent our local DEC Members as the laison between the Miami Dade DEC and the Florida Democratic Party. A Committeewoman that will respond to the needs of our members and get the necessay issues solved. A State Committeewoman must be acessible, ready to assist our members and be able to adhere to her responsibility to help our members to get the right help and answers. I am ready to serve and in all of this years participating I am more than qualified to represent The Miami Dade DEC in the capacity of State Committeewoman.