If your mail in ballot has been rejected, it is easy to fix and we can help you do it

If the Supervisor of Elections has told you that your mail-in ballot was rejected either because there is a problem with the signature match or you failed to sign it, you can easily correct the problem by signing and sending a form to the Supervisor of Elections together with a copy of your ID. There is a deadline, so you need to act now.

We can help you fix your ballot or you can do it yourself.

Want Help? Visit one of our offices or call our hotline:

Coconut Grove
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Liberty City
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Do it yourself?  Here are instructions:

(Please call the hotline or one of our offices with any questions):

You must submit the completed and signed Vote-By-Mail-Affidavit to the Supervisor of Elections along with a copy of your ID. 

  • Print the Vote-By-Mail-Affidavit that is attached here in English, Spanish and Creole. If you cannot print the affidavit, see suggestion below.
  • Fill in and sign the Vote-By-Mail-Affidavit
  • Scan your completed Affidavit.
  • Copy and scan your ID (see below for ID information).
  • Attach the completed and signed affidavit and the copy of your ID together to one email and send to:


  • If you don’t have a scanner, you can take a picture with your phone of your affidavit and your ID and attach them to the email. Be sure that they are legible.

Acceptable IDs: These are the types of identification that are acceptable:

Best type of Identification – Use if you have it:

  • Current and valid identification that includes name and photograph:
  • Florida driver license;
  • Florida ID card issued by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles;
  • United States passport;
  • debit or credit card;
  • military, student, retirement center, neighborhood association, or public assistance ID;
  • Veteran health identification card issued by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs;
  • Florida license to carry a concealed weapon or firearm; or 
  • employee identification card issued by any branch, department, agency, or entity of the Federal Government, the state, a county, or a municipality.

If you do not have any of these identification materials, you can use these:

Next Best type of Identification – USE ONLY if Best Type above is not available

  • ID that shows name and current residence address: current utility bill; bank statement; government check; paycheck; or
  • government document (excluding voter information card).

If you cannot print the affidavit:

  • You can copy it by hand and send it in with your identification. Here is the wording of the affidavit that you must use:

I, ____________________ (Print voter’s name), am a qualified voter in this election and registered voter of Miami-Dade County, Florida. I do solemnly swear or affirm that I requested and returned the vote-by-mail ballot and that I have not and will not vote more than one ballot in this election. I understand that if I commit or attempt any fraud in connection with voting, vote a fraudulent ballot, or vote more than once in an election, I may be convicted of a felony of the third degree and fined up to $5,000 and imprisoned for up to 5 years. I understand that my failure to sign this affidavit means that my vote-by-mail ballot will be invalidated.

___________________________ (your signature)

___________________________________________________________________(your full address).

  • Take a picture of your identification and of your signed affidavit, make sure they are legible; and
  • Send them as attachments to an email to VBMaffidavits@miamidade.gov.


Once you have submitted your completed affidavit to the Supervisor of Elections

You can check to see that the problem has been cured at checkmyballot.miami.

If you have any questions

  • Call our Voter Hotline at 833-VOTE-FLA (833-868-3352)