Credentials Report

The credentials committee has completed the review of over 500 applications that were submitted by Thursday, December 15 at Noon EST. First, the committee reviewed each applicant's party registration and identified the applicant's precinct. There was 41 applications that were either rejected or the committee could not identify in our voter database or in the Supervisor of Elections website. Second, where there were vacancies in a precinct, the committee filled them on a first-come first-serve basis. In total, the committee recommends 251 Democrats as Elected precinct committee members to fill existing precinct vacancies. The committee also recommends 17 Democratic municipal elected officials for Elected Official membership which, once approved by the DEC, will give them automatic status under our bylaws. There are two At-Large appointments that Chairman Cuba has already indicated he intends to make. And, finally, there are 171 Democrats who applied but, at the time of their submission, no vacancy in their precinct existed. These Democrats are available for At-Large appointments. It is at the Chairman's discretion to appoint Democrats as At-Large members. 
The full report is below:


First Last Pct Status
Robert Ader 157 Elected
Vanya Albury 813 Elected
Nadia Aleman 363 Elected
Linda Christine Alger 578 Elected
Wilifred Allen-Faiella 810 Elected
Adonis Alvarez 424 Elected
Cynthia Aracena 529 Elected
Maria Teresa Aymerich 535 Elected
Flora Baldwin 529 Elected
Patricia Baptiste 136 Elected
Kelly Barter 207 Elected
Marleine Bastien 528 Elected
Paola Batic 389 Elected
Frederick Beachler 139 Elected
Daniel Ron Berger 608 Elected
Ellen Berger 608 Elected
Erin Berry 953 Elected
Thomas Berry 953 Elected
Katherine Bird 141 Elected
Frances Blake 810 Elected
Judith Blum Blanchard 901 Elected
Elaine Bleiberg 628 Elected
Charo Bolanos 756 Elected
Elizabeth Bonnell 900 Elected
Shedrick Boren 644 Elected
Oscar Braynon Sr 222 Elected
Mary Agnes Breeding 897 Elected
Nicolle Brito 587 Elected
Melissa Brown Bouie 905 Elected
Shea Bruscia 839 Elected
Karen Burgos 710 Elected
Vanessa Woodard Byers 244 Elected
Carissa Caban-Aleman 559 Elected
Ian Cabrera 621 Elected
Amanda Rae Cachaldora 583 Elected
Franco Caliz-Aguilar 728 Elected
Franco Caliz-Aguilar 728 Elected
Leticia Callava 644 Elected
Natalie Carlier 426 Elected
Ben Carrasco 821 Elected
Debora Carter 508 Elected
Pauline Carter 814 Elected
Ramon Katarino Castillo 316 Elected
Yaser Castro 191 Elected
Gina Cayford 51 Elected
Leslie Chasser 498 Elected
Barbara Coakley 849 Elected
Andrew Cohn 632 Elected
Jacob Coker Dukowitz 978 Elected
Barbara Colson-Johnson 228 Elected
Phyllis Compton 749 Elected
Ashley Cover 216 Elected
Jared Crawford 498 Elected
Mark Alan Criswell 258 Elected
Susan Davis 604 Elected
Karla De Anda 107 Elected
Juan DeCardenas 606 Elected
Gianna Del Monte 13 Elected
Zena Dickstein 30 Elected
Steven Dloogoff 532 Elected
Ivan Duschatzky 421 Elected
Omar Elfeky 592 Elected
Harriett Ellison 203 Elected
Javier Estevez 409 Elected
Bobbi Farias 909 Elected
Jessica Farias 909 Elected
Shapiro Sam Feldman 41 Elected
Venusmia Fernandez Lovely 947 Elected
Michael Douglas Flowers Jr 36 Elected
Janet Forte 599 Elected
Eufaula Frazier 520 Elected
Nelson Gaitan 593 Elected
Patrick Gajardo 980 Elected
Dany Garcia 729 Elected
Shewanda Garner 213 Elected
Christopher Gates 31 Elected
Barbara Gelber 15 Elected
Betty Gelber 649 Elected
Joshua Gelfman 641 Elected
Clara Gilbert 227 Elected
Brenda Liz Gitchev 594 Elected
Eric Goldstein 650 Elected
Aarrin Golson 208 Elected
Michael Gongora 23 Elected
Macaria Gonzalez 451 Elected
Melissa Gonzalez 725 Elected
Ivette Marie Gonzalez Petkovich 454 Elected
Olga Granda-Scott 719 Elected
Carol Grayson 123 Elected
Tamara Green 889 Elected
Andrew Grossman 531 Elected
Robert Guest 755 Elected
Ramon Guillen Jr. 797 Elected
Annie R Gumren 262 Elected
Richard Guzman 717 Elected
Joyce Harrington 152 Elected
Monica Hasbun 462 Elected
Michael Hepburn 529 Elected
Alexander Gregory Hernandez 764 Elected
Laura Hernandez 418 Elected
Elizabeth Hitt 157 Elected
Samantha Hoare 143 Elected
Consuelo Hodge 949 Elected
Norman Hodge 949 Elected
Lisa Howe 601 Elected
Marvin Hudson 759 Elected
Christopher Hudtwalcker 604 Elected
Ariana Hurtado 947 Elected
Maria Izaurralde 9 Elected
Dorothy Jackson 616 Elected
Olga Jaramillo 978 Elected
Rubiett Jenkins 817 Elected
Stephen Hunter Johnson 130 Elected
Robert Jones 518 Elected
Joan Kanet 840 Elected
Laura Kelley 965 Elected
Gregory Edward Koman 584 Elected
Amber Korge 587 Elected
Kathleen Korge 720 Elected
Paul Krebes 751 Elected
Benedict Kuehne 582 Elected
Ashely Langston 577 Elected
Mauro Lauro Gregorio 919 Elected
Angie Lee 531 Elected
Jared Leichner 913 Elected
Susan Leichner 913 Elected
Sara Bess Leviten 142 Elected
Matthew Lieberman 106 Elected
Diane Lockwood 930 Elected
Richard Love 584 Elected
Steven Machat 30 Elected
Adrian Madriz 533 Elected
Susan Mah-Leung 810 Elected
Agripino Manon 981 Elected
Frank Martinez 488 Elected
Javier Martinez 432 Elected
Raul Martinez 719 Elected
Johnny Matthew 367 Elected
Sarah Mauer 17 Elected
Lindsey Maxwell 728 Elected
Michael McDearmaid 142 Elected
David McDougal 522 Elected
Makeda McLune 4 Elected
Jorge Medina 447 Elected
Nydia Medina 740 Elected
Ricardo Mejia 312 Elected
Patricia Mellerson 858 Elected
Jennifer Merino 307 Elected
Odiola Mici 411 Elected
Alice Milagre 563 Elected
Christopher Moldes 731 Elected
Olga Montealegre 717 Elected
Kathryn Moore 730 Elected
Morneque Moore-Ramos 140 Elected
Frank Morra 916 Elected
Brendan Murphy 396 Elected
Stephanie Nathanson 17 Elected
Roberta Joan Neway 613 Elected
David Newman 582 Elected
Andrea Nunez 459 Elected
Valerie Oliver 254 Elected
Brian Olson 613 Elected
Ileana Oroza 23 Elected
Peter Ostrawsky 745 Elected
Ketha Otis 137 Elected
Fernanda Paguaga 390 Elected
Beverly Parker 617 Elected
William Henry Parker 617 Elected
Hector Parra 146 Elected
Nikola Amanda Patterson-Molina 672 Elected
Kenasha Paul 131 Elected
Gustavo Perez 556 Elected
Gabriel Perez-Ariza 520 Elected
Louis Perrero 850 Elected
Vorick Picou 848 Elected
Gloria Pierce 730 Elected
Misty Polanco 347 Elected
Maria Isabel Portuondo 822 Elected
Deborah Christine Powell 776 Elected
Maria A. Prio 51 Elected
Jamil Raheem 743 Elected
Issel Ramon-Moreno 320 Elected
Maria Gracia Ramos 108 Elected
Abel Ramos Taype 108 Elected
Lula Randall 802 Elected
Mark Raymond 516 Elected
Timothy Read 643 Elected
Eric Reinarman 602 Elected
Juan David Rey 767 Elected
Earnestine Richardson 221 Elected
Brittany Renee Rivera 907 Elected
Monica Rivero 371 Elected
Rolando Rivero 570 Elected
Deborah Rivers 703 Elected
Carlos Robles 411 Elected
Lasonya Rodgers 967 Elected
Gabriela Rodriguez 797 Elected
Maria Rodriguez 18 Elected
Raul Francisco Rodriguez 720 Elected
Sissi Rodriguez 368 Elected
David Rogers 11 Elected
Juanita Romero 498 Elected
Louise Ross 625 Elected
Matthew Runck 603 Elected
Timothy Ryan 175 Elected
Julie Samkoff 42 Elected
Cristian Sanchez 239 Elected
Thomas Sanchez 385 Elected
Roland Sanchez-Medina 611 Elected
Lucia Santa Cruz 399 Elected
Errol Saunders 816 Elected
Gabriel Sebastian 335 Elected
Erica Selig 565 Elected
Joanne Sepulveda 11 Elected
Linda Shapanka 124 Elected
Philip Sherlock 371 Elected
Kristin Nicole Silva 767 Elected
Benjamin Silvanic 566 Elected
Stephen Simeonidis 984 Elected
Robert Daniel Sixto 725 Elected
Jeannett Slesnick 607 Elected
Tarlesha Smith 239 Elected
Nkume Sobe 109 Elected
Andres Soberon 858 Elected
Islara Souto 570 Elected
Harry Speizer 625 Elected
Pam St. John 914 Elected
Kyle Stevens 583 Elected
Mary Kathleen Teas 820 Elected
Edward Tobin 24 Elected
Melody Torrens 545 Elected
Oliver Torres 429 Elected
Robert Troy 749 Elected
Christian Ulvert 146 Elected
Daniel Varona 311 Elected
Nicole Vascianna 813 Elected
Isabel Villalon 793 Elected
Alfredo Viza 910 Elected
Veronica Wade 248 Elected
Justin Wales 806 Elected
Victoria Ann Wechsler 584 Elected
Carmen Weisz 760 Elected
Audrine Wells 693 Elected
Antonio Williams 228 Elected
Britt-Angela Williams 177 Elected
Margalie Williams 129 Elected
Caroline Williams 161 Elected
Willette Wilson 512 Elected
Susan Windmiller 754 Elected
Kaydrianne Young 776 Elected
Delores Johnson Zwelling 750 Elected
Ricky Arriola Automatic Elected Official
Phillippe Bien-Aime Automatic Elected Official
Franklin Caplin Automatic Elected Official
Alix De Sulme Automatic Elected Official
Katherine Fernandez Rundle Automatic Elected Official
Dana Robin Goldman Automatic Elected Official
Michael Grieco Automatic Elected Official
Sally Heyman Automatic Elected Official
Patricia Keon Automatic Elected Official
Denise Landman Automatic Elected Official
Jordan Leonard Automatic Elected Official
Joy Malakoff Automatic Elected Official
Jean Monestime Automatic Elected Official
Kristen Rosen Gonzalez Automatic Elected Official
Ken Russell Automatic Elected Official
Micky Steinberg Automatic Elected Official
Philip Stoddard Automatic Elected Official
Kira Willig At-Large At-Large
Frederica Wilson At-Large At-Large
Jeffery Agron 650 no vacancies
Maurice Allgrove 586 no vacancies
Michael J Aronin 146 no vacancies
Jean-Philippe Austin 587 no vacancies
Madcleine Barker 15 no vacancies
Josefina M Batista 719 no vacancies
Donna Bell 825 no vacancies
Heather Jean Berghmans 624 no vacancies
Steven Berlin 696 no vacancies
Susan Berlin 696 no vacancies
Mark Bernstein 538 no vacancies
Mark Blank 641 no vacancies
Heather Elizabeth Blatt 728 no vacancies
John Bowen 604 no vacancies
Linda Burgess 601 no vacancies
Jennifer Burke 29 no vacancies
Christopher Cabral 561 no vacancies
Geoff Campbell 105 no vacancies
Ony Cejas 579 no vacancies
Chelsea Clark 538 no vacancies
Hilda Cohen 23 no vacancies
Devin Cordero 536 no vacancies
Diane Crowley 587 no vacancies
Martin Culver 641 no vacancies
Audrey Davis James 498 no vacancies
Catherine De Leon 5 no vacancies
Valeria Del Rio 563 no vacancies
Maria Patricia Delgadillo 633 no vacancies
Feyola Delica 136 no vacancies
Julien Desrois 522 no vacancies
Gerald Doherty 498 no vacancies
Laura Dominguez 30 no vacancies
Caroline Donkin 984 no vacancies
Alfredo Duran 644 no vacancies
Sagiv Edelman 984 no vacancies
Omar Espino 36 no vacancies
Alejandra A Fernandez 546 no vacancies
Margarita Fernandez 576 no vacancies
Don Allen Festge 148 no vacancies
Iris Fiallos Finstad 953 no vacancies
Joel Fields 995 no vacancies
Kristy Figueras 748 no vacancies
Kamalah Fletcher 538 no vacancies
Debra Folsom 587 no vacancies
Michelle Frazier 520 no vacancies
Carrie Freedman 23 no vacancies
Freddy Funes 36 no vacancies
Rodrigo Garcia 586 no vacancies
Dan Gelber 24 no vacancies
Seth Gordon 582 no vacancies
Bruce Greer 616 no vacancies
Evelyn Greer 616 no vacancies
Stuart Hal Gitlitz 696 no vacancies
Tiffany Heckler 29 no vacancies
Lisa Heller 587 no vacancies
Daniel Horton 766 no vacancies
Carole Jackson 825 no vacancies
Samuel Jackson 616 no vacancies
Luis Jimenez 579 no vacancies
Robin Abbe Kadish 103 no vacancies
Carin Kahgan 587 no vacancies
Leslie Kaplan 48 no vacancies
Cheryl Kaufman 30 no vacancies
Charlotte Klieman 749 no vacancies
Andrew Korge 587 no vacancies
Andrew Korge 587 no vacancies
Mimi Korman 157 no vacancies
Jeremy Kozyak 616 no vacancies
John Kozyak 616 no vacancies
Sean Paul Kramer 806 no vacancies
Madeline Kraskin 582 no vacancies
Adam Kravitz 30 no vacancies
Reanna Lee 16 no vacancies
Shari Lee 24 no vacancies
Santiago Leon 649 no vacancies
Santiago Leon 649 no vacancies
Michael Llorente 751 no vacancies
Baker Lucas 148 no vacancies
David S. Mandel 30 no vacancies
Carmen Rosa Marrero 725 no vacancies
Manuel Marrero 561 no vacancies
Gustavo Marshall 632 no vacancies
Irene Martinez 431 no vacancies
Carlos Matta 750 no vacancies
Eduardo Jesus Medina 740 no vacancies
April Merleaux 627 no vacancies
Derek Merleaux 627 no vacancies
Eduardo Gianni Milanese 448 no vacancies
Beatrice (Barbara) Mills 585 no vacancies
Gillian Mirabelle 15 no vacancies
Ariel Molina 636 no vacancies
Lynn Marie Montero 544 no vacancies
Christopher Moran 24 no vacancies
Karen Moran 24 no vacancies
Norma Moreno 320 no vacancies
Paige Courtney Morgan 673 no vacancies
Barthalomew Motes 608 no vacancies
Debbie Mucasel-Powell 616 no vacancies
William Muir 586 no vacancies
William Muir 586 no vacancies
Jo-Ann Murphy 585 no vacancies
Mark Myers 385 no vacancies
Damian Narvaez 30 no vacancies
Rachel Narvaez 30 no vacancies
Nigel Neale 729 no vacancies
Jason Anthony Nieves 146 no vacancies
Joseph Oroza 28 no vacancies
Julie Ruth Paikowsky 627 no vacancies
Steven Malcom Paikowsky 627 no vacancies
Nila Pastor 414 no vacancies
Ralph Patino 636 no vacancies
Michael Pearson 517 no vacancies
Ana Sofia Pelaez 587 no vacancies
Carmen Pelaez 587 no vacancies
Francisco Pelayo 995 no vacancies
Juan Penalosa 36 no vacancies
Francisco Perez 518 no vacancies
Julio Perez 23 no vacancies
Joseph Perkins 996 no vacancies
Alexis Justine Polanco 347 no vacancies
Diego Polar 603 no vacancies
Barbara Pope 546 no vacancies
Jacqulyn Pope James 239 no vacancies
James Porter-Brown 155 no vacancies
Maria Elena Prio 582 no vacancies
Richard Quincoces 815 no vacancies
Lisa Remeny 586 no vacancies
Eric Rodriguez 701 no vacancies
Noel Rodriguez 981 no vacancies
Julie Roth Paikowsky 627 no vacancies
Sonny Sayas 797 no vacancies
Adam Schwartzbaum 983 no vacancies
Beverly Scott 947 no vacancies
Lexy Semino 604 no vacancies
Cynthia Seymour 587 no vacancies
Leah Shadle 995 no vacancies
Shahida Shakir 156 no vacancies
Ethan Shapiro Feldman 627 no vacancies
Paula Lynn Shaw 48 no vacancies
James Sheils 587 no vacancies
Michael Shelley 24 no vacancies
Wasim Shomar 628 no vacancies
Barbara Silverman 616 no vacancies
Jackie Simms 717 no vacancies
David Singer 24 no vacancies
Jeffrey Solomon 627 no vacancies
Ann Starr Sarigo 601 no vacancies
Alejandra Stern 586 no vacancies
David Stern 586 no vacancies
Grant Stern 538 no vacancies
Lana Swanson 765 no vacancies
Joshua Williams Tarkoff 633 no vacancies
Glenn Terry 587 no vacancies
Kevin Thomas 5 no vacancies
Scott Treanor 603 no vacancies
Harley Tropin 616 no vacancies
Sherrye Troy 749 no vacancies
Carlos Valetin 541 no vacancies
Timothy Van Name 43 no vacancies
Karina Villalba 740 no vacancies
Maria Fernanda Villota 996 no vacancies
Jesse Walters 155 no vacancies
Robert Waxman 146 no vacancies
Andrew Weiss 18 no vacancies
Michel Weisz 760 no vacancies
Jo Wilder 516 no vacancies
Richard L. Williams 720 no vacancies
Anita Kay Williams Dawson 909 no vacancies
Bruce Howard Wolf 625 no vacancies
Marie Myrtha Wroy 156 no vacancies
Joel Zwelling 750 no vacancies
Jennie Acevedo   Rejected
Nerissa Ash- Mckinney   Rejected
Erin Auble   Rejected
Claudia Barker   Rejected
Roni Bennett   Rejected
Troy Brown   Rejected
Jean Chevalier   Rejected
Craig Emmanuel   could not find
Megan Espinoza   could not find
Kenneth James Fairman   Rejected
Maritza Guido   Rejected
Enrique Guzman Karell   Rejected
Isabelle Harman   could not find
Valerie Hernandez   Rejected
Daniel Irigoyen   Rejected
Somara Jacques   Rejected
Francis Joseph Janelzeh   could not find
Nelda Jean   could not find
Adrian Jesus Jimenez   could not find
Astro Josue   Rejected
Mark Lesniak   Rejected
Jose Antonio Machado   could not find
Adam Mait   Rejected
Jorge Maza   Rejected
Yousi Mazpule   Rejected
Carmela Mc Intire   Rejected
Jordan Melnick   Rejected
Nicholas Moran   Rejected
Jonathan Moses   could not find
Sandra Nicolas   could not find
Sica Nielsen   Rejected
Dylan Pukel   Rejected
Dylan Pukel   Rejected
Robert Remmen   could not find
Kathrine Santana   Rejected
Brandon Siew   Rejected
Zachary Siew   Rejected
Marc Smith   Rejected
Mayleen Stephanie Suarez   Rejected
Pablo Yunes Molina   Rejected
Juan Esteban Zapata   Rejected

Best Regards,
Zenia Perez
Miami-Dade DEC Credentials Committee Chair 

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