Corrupt Carlos Mulls Congressional Bid

Miami, FL: Failed Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Giménez is rumored to be considering a run for Florida’s 26th congressional district. The Miami-Dade Democratic Party is deeply familiar with Corrupt Carlos’ litany of failed policies and self-dealings throughout his tenure as mayor and strongly opposes his potential candidacy.


“Giménez’s potential candidacy could not be a more clear example of why the County Party is making local elections a priority in this election cycle,” explained Party Chairman Steve Simeonidis. “We absolutely cannot allow a corrupt mayor who has betrayed his constituents and broken so many promises to represent us at the national level.

The most consistent hallmark of Corrupt Carlos’ tenure as mayor has been his work to make the lives of the voters who elected him harder. Giménez has long denied South Dade residents the Metrorail expansion that the County has been promising them for decades, championed the highly divisive American Dream mega-mall project which an overwhelming majority of environmental scientists agree will be a catastrophe for the Florida Everglades, and continues to advocate for a southwest extension of State Road 836 beyond the urban development line which will have calamitous results to South Florida’s environment and make already maddening traffic on the 836 even worse than it already is.

While Corrupt Carlos has been actively making the lives of his constituents more difficult, presiding over an economy with the rare combination of low wages, a high cost of living, and an affordable housing crisis, he has also found the time to push through legislation and policies that benefit his friends, family, and special interests, who also do business with and currently seek contracts with the County.

Instead of supporting the residents of Miami Gardens when they so vehemently opposed the prospect of Formula One racing being brought to their city that they got the county commission to preliminarily approve measures that would pose a significant obstacle to the race, Corrupt Carlos negotiated to give billionaire Stephen Ross and the Dolphins 2.5 million dollars of county money (in addition to the 5.75 million they are already getting for bringing large events to the county) and vetoed the measures, effectively ramming Formula One down Miami Gardens’ collective throats, while coincidentally his son C.J. Gimenez was a paid lobbyist for Formula One as recently as 7 months prior.

Instead of helping South Dade get the rail line it desperately needs for its residents, who now commute for hours every day, he was busy meeting behind closed doors, accompanied by his number one campaign fundraiser/lobbyist buddy, with local elected officials to spend hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer money to help a foreign casino corporation make it 5 minutes faster for tourists to get from Miami Beach to a casino that does not yet exist.

Instead of listening to the more than 60 percent of Miami-Dade County born outside of the United States and standing up to President Trump’s ruthless bullying of immigrants, Gimenez was one of the first and only big city mayor’s to capitulate to the Trump administration’s detainer policy.

Time after time the people of Miami-Dade county have made their voices heard, loudly and clearly, and time after time, Corrupt Carlos has ignored his constituents’ needs in favor of enriching his family and his cronies. Instead of giving the apology that he owes, he is asking for a promotion that he does not deserve.

The people of Florida’s 26th Congressional District are well represented by U.S. Representative Debbie Mucarsel-Powell who currently serves on the House Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittees on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security, and Immigration and Citizenship. Representative Mucarsel-Powell is the first woman to represent Florida’s 26th congressional district and was a strong voice in the House Impeachment proceedings. Representative Mucarsel-Powell has been a fierce advocate for the immigrant community, a leading voice in the fight to close the child detention center in her district, and at the forefront of efforts to protect her environmentally sensitive district from the ravages of climate change and sea level rise. The Miami-Dade Democratic Party views defending Representative Mucarsel-Powell’s seat as one of its highest priorities this election cycle.

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