Bernard Wh Jennings for State Committeeman

Bernard Wh Jennings is running for the position of State Committeeman at the DEC Organizational Meeting on December 7, 2020.


Bernard Wh Jennings is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator & holds a Loss Mitigation Specialist certificate from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development & has worked in the Mortgage Banking industry for more than 10 years. He served as an Administrative Hearing Officer to the Miami-Dade County Manager to arbitrate disputes arising from Ordinance 99-44. His business experiences range from airport development to construction management, he successfully negotiated one of the largest private commercial aviation leaseholds & development contracts in Miami-Dade at Opa-Locka Airport. He served as a Mediator for the Collins Center for Public Policy Managed Foreclosure Mediation Program, American Arbitration Association & he is a mediator for the Florida Department of Financial Services Mediation Program. He has performed Business Arbitration & Debt Negotiation for many years.
Mr Jennings is the Founder & President of the Biscayne Gardens Chamber of Commerce. He is the Chairman of the Incorporation and Charter Committee for the Incorporation of Miami-Dade’s next municipality to be named as the City of Biscayne Gardens Village. Former Executive Director of the Miami-Dade DEC. Mr Jennings is also former Chairman of the Miami Alumni Kappa Foundation, Inc. a local not-for-profit.
Mr Jennings has a Bachelors’ degree in Public Administration from Florida Memorial University and a Masters of Applied Social Science in Public Administration from Florida A&M University.

Why Are You Running for the Position of State Committeeman?

I'm running for State Committeeman because we as a community are victimized year after year by the inept behavior and false promises by a failed leadership. We demand strict accountability and an outside audit of all expenditures. And moving forward we will demand a strict division of funding and resources based on an apportionment of the voting citizenry.
It always comes down to how much each vote costs in an election cycle. Not what we pay for the vote but what we spend to obtain the vote. I.e. we have the voter file, we should determine how much our budget is and divide that number by each vote. Then divide the votes into demographics based on an ethnic constituency count. At that point we will fairly let the chips fall where they may. We should allow our clubs and causes and District Leaders to make decisions about spending based on their proportionality of voters within their bases. That way those who have worked to organize for four years have the opportunity to put their built organizations to work. I want to be a catalyst for successful change; an ombudsman to bring all facets of the party together, Clubs & Caucuses, Blacks & Whites, Hispanics & Haitians, Jews & Muslims, Asians & Caribbean's, haves and have nots. Short and Tall democrats alike.