Ask the Florida House to Meet on Stand Your Ground


Senator Dwight Bullard needs our help asking these Florida Representatives to call a hearing on the Stand Your Ground law during the first committee week (the week of September 23) or immediately after.

Starting Tuesday, September 10th, please call these two representatives:

Representative Matt Gaetz (850) 833-9328

Representative Dennis Baxley (352) 732-1313



To convene the hearings on Stand Your Ground (also known as Shoot First) during the first committee week (September 23rd) or as soon as possible thereafter.

They are on record saying that they will convene the hearings, so ask them to please do it now. Bills have already been filed addressing the issue of SYG, and as a citizen of Florida we expect those bills will receive fair hearings.

Background Talking Points:

Because of Stand Your Ground/Shoot First, Florida self-defense laws are ambiguous and have created a public safety issue.

SYG has racial implications: According to a study by the Tampa Bay Times, legal defense claims under Stand Your Ground were more likely to be successful when the victim was black.

Thanks for your help on this key issue!

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