A message from the new Executive Director of the Miami-Dade Democratic Party, Aaron Bos-Lun

In July, I started as the Executive Director of the Miami-Dade Democratic Party. I first moved to Miami in 2012, and spent four years at Homestead Senior High School. As a public school teacher you spend every moment of each day thinking about potential. Through a number of roles during that time and since, I have come to believe equally in the limitless potential we have in Miami and the hard work needed to help us bring it out.

In 2018, the contributions of Blue Gala attendees helped us flip two Congressional seats in Miami and secure wins at the state and local level people previously thought impossible for Democrats, including in places like Hialeah. We want to invite you to this year’s Blue Gala. Tickets are available at a discounted rate of $300 until September 15the same price as last year. After that time tickets will cost $500; the work we are looking to do is unprecedented in scale and ambition, and therefore the amount of money we raise must, too.

I moved here when most people felt American democracy was in pretty good shape – President Obama was about to be re-elected, and Florida went blue for the second cycle in a row.  This time the future is less certain, but one thing we know is: if Miami-Dade turns out heavily blue, Florida goes blue, and if Florida goes blue Donald Trump is a one-term President. It’s on us here in Miami, and we need to step up together, starting with the Blue Gala on November 2.

Aaron Bos-Lun
Executive Director
Miami-Dade Democratic Party


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